£100m Zoo Animals Fund Goes Live  - BIAZA

BIAZA is pleased to have secured additional funds from Westminster, to support animal welfare in zoos and aquariums facing financial hardship but calls for a clear commitment from Defra to reviewing its’ implementation.

As a result of this decision, funds will also be made available to the devolved nations via Barnett consequentials, and BIAZA is continuing to lobby devolved Governments to ensure these funds are made available to zoos and aquariums in those regions. Today’s [03 August 2020] announcement includes: 

More details and how to apply from defra: The £100m Zoo Animals Fund, announced on 27 June, is now open for applications from zoos and aquariums.

Grants will be awarded on the basis of need where zoos face a shortfall despite doing everything they can to reduce their costs and raise income. This will include money to pay for veterinary care, medicines and animal feed as well as paying for staffing costs for those directly providing animal care.

The fund also offers grants to support rehoming costs in the event that zoos need to downsize or potentially close, and is open to those zoos which have already received support through the £14 million Zoo Support Fund

Posted on: 04 August 2020

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