Disappointing planting figures in England still far below Government target - Woodland Trust

Responding to Provisional Woodland Statistics 2020 published by Forest Research

Trees and woods belong at the heart of any green recovery. (Credit: Adam Burton / WTML)
Trees and woods belong at the heart of any green recovery. (Credit: Adam Burton / WTML)

Darren Moorcroft, CEO of the Woodland Trust said: "Despite huge interest in trees and woods, these new statistics show we are a long way from where we need to be. To get us moving in the right direction, the Government's planned England Tree Strategy needs to deliver a bold vision for trees and woods. That means not just more trees in the ground, but planning as part of the landscape, so they deliver for carbon, nature and people, with firm quality not just quantity targets. We must also do far more to look after the trees and woods we already have, restoring and protecting our precious ancient woodlands and stopping the risk of imported tree disease by sourcing and growing the trees we plant in this country. Action to rebuild our economy and society after the coronavirus epidemic must also invest for the long term in our precious natural environment. Protecting, restoring and expanding native tree cover – with all the social, economic and environmental benefits that will bring - belongs at the heart of any ‘green recovery’ worthy of the name. We also need to strengthen supply chains so we can make good on commitments to expand trees and woodlands to 2050 and beyond.”

Posted on: 12 June 2020

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