UK discovering nature in lockdown - National Biodiversity Network

Now that the final results are in from the City Nature Challenge, we can announce that the UK’s final tally from this year’s event stands at:

In this lockdown year, ten cities across the UK put aside their competitive spirits and joined forces to encourage everyone to get a bit closer to nature on their doorsteps with wildlife observations submitted to iNaturalist. The UK joined nearly 250 city regions worldwide for four days of intense recording from windows, parks and during daily outdoor exercise. Following the recording, the UK community came together for an online ‘DataBlitz’ event to help identify the photos that had streamed in during the challenge.

At the DataBlitz, many of the UK cities reported a rise in the number of people taking part over the weekend compared to previous years and many people who lived outside the city regions felt part of the UK effort. Despite it not being a competition this year a UK city managed to get the most observations in Europe – well done Birmingham!

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Posted On: 07/05/2020

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