Citizen Science and Surveys: Mammals

red squirrel on green grass (image: Vincent van Zalinge on unsplash)

Mammals: mammal tracks, monitoring programmes, report evidence seen


Opportunities to help with research either by carrying out fieldwork or by recording your sightings.
If you are interested in helping with any of the surveys detailed below please contact the website or person listed.

Survey Organisers: 50 word listings are free, submit your details here.

Join us for our biggest ever otter survey.

We want to build a picture of where otters are living and using the canals across the West Midlands. Simply walk a stretch of the towpath to find droppings for DNA analysis – no experience needed. Starting 22 February running to 1 March. Contact by email for more info.

The Mammal Society

runs research and citizen science projects. Find out what you can get involved in at

Mammal Mapper

is a FREE app that has been designed to enable you to record signs and sightings of mammals in the UK. Mammals can be recorded along a route whilst you’re walking/running/cycling or even a passenger in a car, or as one off sightings, for example a hedgehog in your garden.

Are wild mammals eating plastic?

The Mammal Society wants to find out.

Are you a university or wildlife group that would like to take part in humane mammal trapping to collect droppings, a member of the public with hedgehogs or other small mammals in your garden, a wildlife rescue centre, or just want to help the cause. Find out more on

Survey of deer distribution and abundance

Every five years the BDS conducts a survey of deer distribution across the United Kingdom. The results provide data which is invaluable to national and regional policy makers, researchers, land managers and many others, and, over the years. Find out how to get involved at

National Bat Monitoring Programme

Bat numbers in the UK have declined dramatically over the last century. You can help to monitor the UK's bats by taking part in our surveys and observing these fascinating mammals in your local area. Anyone can take part, from beginners to experts.

The University Mammal Challenge (UMAC)

 will run from 1st January to 30th June 2020, with registration opening on 23rd October 2019. Get a student team together to survey your campus for mammals and see if you can win UMAC 2020! For full details and registration go to:

Durham Wildlife Trust - Mink Monitoring Volunteers Wanted!

 We are gathering evidence of mink locations across the whole of the North East of England. If you can help record signs, monitor track-rafts or use one of our cameras to help please contact Kirsty Pollard,

Walk this Water Way

is a citizen science project run by the Mammal Society. We are asking people to walk 600m+ transects along any local waterway, using the free Mammal Mapper app to record signs and sightings of our mammals! More information on the project can be found here:

Have you seen a badger in south-east or central Scotland?

If so, please let us know. Even roadkill sightings are useful to us. Data will inform planning, conservation and research both locally and nationally. More information including how to report sightings can be found on our website.

Badger sightings wanted.

 Scottish Badgers collects all sightings of badgers seen around Scotland, from road casualties to live encounters, as well as sett records and possible badger crime. We use this information to monitor local populations and distributions. Please see the website for more information or email

Mammals on Roads survey from PTES

We want to know about your route and what you see along the way, dead and alive. This information is compared year to year, alerting us to changes in the wider population. Journeys should include twenty miles or more on single-carriageways and should be outside of towns or built-up areas.

The BIG Hedgehog Map

 – please help us by recording your sightings of hedgehogs (dead or alive) as well as find out where others are seeing the nation’s favourite wild animal. You can also pledge to make a Hedgehog Highway in your fence and add it to the map.

Living with Mammals survey

PTES is calling for volunteers to take part in spring’s survey of wild mammals in gardens and local green spaces. Choose a site close to home or place of work, and spend a short time each week looking out for wild mammals or the signs they leave behind. To receive a survey pack contact PTES.

Cardiff University Otter Project

is a 25year+ programme collecting otters found dead from across UK, for post mortem examination, to investigate pollution, health and ecology. Get involved, volunteer, check out studentships (PhD/Masters), report otters found dead: FB @otterprojectuk; Twitter @otter_project or website

National Water Vole Monitoring Programme

Our fastest declining mammal needs your help. We launched the first ongoing national monitoring programme for water voles in 2015, the data collected will guide our conservation work and inform us where action is needed. Can you survey a site for water voles?

Hedgehog Survey

The Wildlife Information Centre's Hedgehog survey aims to gather up-to-date information on the distribution of hedgehogs in our region. If you see a hedgehog in the Lothians, Borders, Falkirk, Stirling or Clackmannanshire Council areas or the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park please let us know.