Citizen Science, Wildlife Surveys and Fieldwork

Many conservation organisations appeal for volunteer surveyors to record and submit local sightings for a national wildlife survey.
Taking part in any of these surveys will give you useful experience and also help to extend the scientific knowledge of a species, so vital for appropriate conservation management. Some include training in survey techniques and some may even pay expenses.
Citizen Science is slightly different from taking part in organised fieldwork, in order to accumulate the largest datasets possible many groups request that members of the public submit sightings to a centralised database.  The results can then be compared with previous years sightings and analysed for emerging trends.


General: including surveys covering full habitat, bioblitz, air and climate
Birds: bird sighting reports, breeding bird survey, ornithological fieldwork
Mammals: mammal tracks, monitoring programmes, report evidence seen
Herpetology: toad patrol, reptile survey, breeding data
Plants: plant disease observation, includes mycology plus moss & lichen, alien invaders
Fish/ Marine: shorewatch, seashell, beach finds, open water observations, marine sightings
Invertebrates: beetles and butterflies, minibeasts, invasive (problem) insect identification and sightings
Research PhD/Masters/Uni research projects

Participants: If you are interested in helping with any of the surveys detailed below please contact the website or person listed.
Survey Organisers: 50 word listings are free, submit your details here.