Volunteering from home

view of green fields through an open window (image: Kerstin Riemer / Pixabay)

Details of volunteering that you can do from home, many citizen science projects continue to run and charities still need people to monitor social media, write blogs, connect with other people and share details of what they're doing.


We may not be allowed to venture from our homes for anything other than vital excursions but there are still lots of ways you can help our countryside, conservation and wildlife sectors. Please remember to contact only the organisation and web / email quoted.

To add your opportunities to this page use the normal advertise options and specify in the anything for CJS box that it's volunteering from home.


General Volunteering Roles


JOB: Social Media & Marketing Volunteer
BE4: 30-06-2020
LOC: RSPB Bempton Cliffs
PAY: 0

We need to spread the word about Bempton Cliffs far and wide, but with so many opportunities we need your help! As well as helping to populate creative and engaging social media posts, you’ll also have the chance to be involved with other marketing and media tasks. Perhaps you’re a marketing student, or a communications professional with a flair for the written word - if so we want to hear from you! The skills you need: approachable, with a friendly demeanor; enthusiasm for wildlife and conservation; excellent communication skills ; knowledge of some RSPB work; computer skills (particularly social media - Facebook and Twitter); knowledge of the local area; willingness to undertake appropriate training and personal development; previous work experience in a marketing/communications environment; confidence to initiate conversations with and talk to members of the public; ability to work in a busy office environment; previous experience or study in communications. Who to contact: Maria Prchlik, Communications Officer,, 01262 422202.


Logo: Wild ideas

JOB Wild at Home Volunteer Officer

BE4 N / A

LOC Home based

PAY Marketing / digital content training

FOR Wild  Ideas

We want to support communities to stay healthy & wild during this difficult time. If you share this aim, could you be our Wild at Home Volunteer Officer? You will undertake wild activities at home & create blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & / or Instagram content from your activities. You will be passionate about conservation & wildlife & keen to support a wide range of people to participate in & share wild lifestyle activities from home & garden. Responsibilities include: research & understand our target audiences & how to create targeted content for them; research industry-related topics on which to produce content; conduct keyword research & optimise content; research & share relevant content of other similar organisations; research trending content on social media; propose new, improved outreach ideas. 0.5+ days a week. Contact Debs if you want to make a real difference to lives through natural well-being support & advice: or 07786444816.

Citizen Science Projects


Seabird Watch is a citizen science project set up by Oxford University to find solutions to the present research gaps using cameras as a monitoring network for Arctic seabird conservation. We need your help counting birds, nests and eggs in our thousands of photos to turn them into data.


Penguin Watch is a citizen science project set up by Oxford University to find solutions to the present research gaps using cameras as a monitoring network for penguin conservation. We need your help counting penguins, chicks, nests and eggs in our thousands of photos to turn them into data.


Naturehood:  A citizen science project focused on taking action for wildlife in private gardens, this project encourages the implementation and recording of wildlife friendly actions in communities. Take simple surveys to record changes in your garden wildlife.


Living with Mammals survey PTES is calling for volunteers to take part in spring’s survey of wild mammals in gardens and local green spaces. Choose a site close to home or place of work, and spend a short time each week looking out for wild mammals or the signs they leave behind. To receive a survey pack contact PTES.


Join in with Bee-fly Watch 2020   Bee-fly Watch is now into its fifth year. These distinctive furry flies are usually on the wing from March to June, often hovering over flowers and using their long 'nose' (proboscis) to feed on nectar. Once again we are asking people to look out for bee-flies and add your records at

RHS Cellar Slug Survey Our survey asks members of the public to submit records of Yellow Cellar Slug and Green Cellar Slug in UK gardens, along with information about your garden so we can establish any links between habitat features and where these species occur. See the website for full details

Rainfall Observers - SEPA is looking for volunteer rainfall observers to collect data daily at around 9am and submit the information online. There are currently 134 rainfall observers across Scotland who play an important part in collecting this valuable data for SEPA. Find out more at

Rainfall Rescue - Before 1961 there were actually thousands of rain gauges but the rainfall data has not been transferred from the original hand-written paper records to something digital so that it can be used in data sets. Aiming to fill in the gaps Zooniverse show you images of rainfall data and ask you to transcribe the values. See:

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