Voluntary Opportunities: Wildlife Work and Animal Care

man's hands holding a baby rabbit (image: Lubos Houska / Pixabay)

Wildlife Work and Animal Care voluntary roles: wildlife projects dealing with one specific species, working with animals such as wildlife hospital workers. also animal handling e.g. zoos and aviculture.

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JOB: Primate Care - 6 positions
BE4: 12-07-2020
IV: --
LOC: Looe, Cornwall
PAY: Accommodation / expenses
FOR: Wild Futures

This is a one-year long post, which is unpaid but for which you will be provided with accommodation and food. In addition your travel will be reimbursed and you will receive a small amount of pocket money each month. It is an exciting opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, working alongside an experienced team, with the chance to earn a recommendation from a highly respected primate sanctuary. You should be aware of and have a commitment to the aims of Wild Futures. You will work primarily with a small group of monkeys. This may be Barbary macaques, marmosets or woolly monkeys, depending on the needs of the groups at the time. You will be expected to learn to distinguish individual monkey and become familiar with their backgrounds. Over the course of the year, you will (under the supervision of experienced staff) become one of the monkeys' primary caregivers. Please contact for more details.