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Voluntary opportunities with an occasional commitment requirement e.g. a few hours a week, one or two days a month. Work covers a wide range of areas: countryside, conservation and ecology voluntary opportunities including wildlife work and environmental education. Weekly updates.

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National vacancies: All of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Full and part time placements, subdivided into subject areas, i.e. the type of work you'll be doing, click here.

Please remember to contact only the organisation or person mentioned in the ASK section and please mention that you saw the advert with CJS.    Explanation of the headings here. 

JOB: Gleaning Volunteer

BE4: N/A

LOC: Nationwide

PAY: Travel expenses up to £12 per person

FOR: Feedback's Gleaning Network

Time: Usually around 6 hours. The Gleaning Network coordinates volunteers, farmers and food redistribution charities to salvage the thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on farms every year across the UK and Europe, and direct this fresh, nutritious food to people in need. We need volunteers to help us harvest this fresh fruit and veg so we can divert to people in need. ASK: Fill in this form to be notified about upcoming gleans in your region: https://feedbackglobal.org/gleaning-volunteer-form/ or contact: james@feedbackglobal.org

JOB: Canal & River Explorers

BE4: N/A

LOC: Various

PAY: Training

FOR: Canal & River Trust

Become an Education Volunteer with the Canal & River Trust and inspire the next generation about the nation’s canals and rivers. If you love being outdoors and have a knack for engaging with children, we’d love you to join our friendly team. Full training provided. ASK: Find out more at http://c-js.co.uk/2EjJHKO

JOB: Wood Pasture and Parkland Volunteer Surveyor

BE4: Ongoing

LOC: Countrywide

PAY: Survey pack*


Characterised by big old trees growing in open pasture-land, Wood Pasture often contains some of the oldest living trees in our country, providing a direct link with bygone landscapes and homes to many rare and threatened species. This survey is relatively simple to do but tells us so much about the structure, condition and management. You will be required to do a structured walk around a site, counting and estimating things like trees, canopy cover and scrub, whilst looking out for a few key species such as hawthorn, elder and bramble. All the data we get helps us build a better picture of the conservation task we have ahead of ourselves in order to preserve this precious habitat and the rare species to which it is home.*Surveyor will receive a survey pack with all the instructions, maps and guides. They can contact the project organiser for any additional help needed. Each survey should take a couple of hours, plus a bit of prep time. ASK: Contact megan.gimber@ptes.org or go to www.ptes.org/wpp for more information.

JOB: Volunteering Opportunities

BE4: N/A

LOC: Various

PAY: 0

FOR: Inland Waterways Association

Love Your Waterways with Inland Waterways Association. Our volunteers enable us to be a powerful champion for the nation’s inland waterways, protecting and expanding the network for everyone. Our volunteer community takes action to: speak for the waterways: listen to those who love the waterways and campaign, fundraise and influence to provide a sustainable waterway environment for everyone. Protect: conserve the heritage, environment and facilities for all along the waterways through advice, practical tasks and commenting on planning applications affecting the waterway corridor. Restore: bring the waterways back to peak condition for navigation and recreation through expert advice and our hands-on Waterway Recovery Group canal camps and weekend digs. Inspire: engage others in the waterways and our work both in person with walks, talks, educational and promotional events and communicate locally, nationally and online. ASK: For more information or to get involved visit www.waterways.org.uk/volunteer

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