Citizen Science and Surveys: Scientific Research Projects

boundary between ploughed field and grazing land (image: Elizabth Lies on unsplash)

Scientific Research: help with PhD/Masters/Uni research projects


Opportunities to help with research either by carrying out fieldwork or by recording your sightings.
If you are interested in helping with any of the surveys detailed below please contact the website or person listed.

Survey Organisers: 50 word listings are free, submit your details here.

Help build an Urban Tree Canopy Cover map for the UK

Tree cover can vary greatly and many towns across the world have created canopy cover targets to encourage planting and improved care of trees. It is important for us to know where we do and don’t have this resource.

How to get involved?

The Canopy Cover webmap makes it quick to assess any UK ward in three simple desk-based steps.

Step 1: Visit to download our detailed User Guide (it’s all the information you’ll need).

Step 2: Visit to view the results so far, and to download the ‘shape-file’ that you need for Step 3 for your ward of interest.

Step 3: Get assessing at, it’ll take 0.5-1.5 hours. Email the results and we’ll upload them to the map for all to see. Thank you!

Help the mammal Society track hedgehog road casualties

by using the Mammal Mapper app. The app is designed to enable you to record signs and sightings of hedgehogs and other wild mammals in the UK. Mammals can be recorded along a route whilst you’re walking/running/cycling or even a passenger in a car, or as one off sightings.