Training Directory: Ecology Longer Courses

meadow flora (image: Nicky P / Pixabay)

Ecology Longer Training Courses


Courses longer than 10 days in length providing specialist ecological training, gain qualifications in biodiversity conservation and ecological consultancy this section also covers courses such as Evolutionary Biology and behavioural ecology.

BSc (Hons) Animal Conservation & Biodiversity at Hadlow College

The programme is geared to produce honours graduates who are capable of progression to employment in animal conservation organisations, associated occupations such as working for ecological consultancies, or into research and development roles. Many graduates continue onto postgraduate Masters or PhD programmes in their chosen specialism.

BSc (Hons) Animal Management at Hadlow College

The programme offers a high quality broad-based training experience in animal management, by providing a solid understanding of applied animal sciences, together with a comprehensive insight into a number of key disciplines crucial to animal management. It enables students to develop their theoretical, practical and technical experience in animal management.

BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behavioural Science & Welfare at Hadlow College

The programme makes full use of state of the art purpose built animal facilities that have animal welfare and species specific behavioural needs embedded into their design. This enables students to develop the required practical and theoretical skills required for a successful future career.

BSc Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation at University of Wolverhampton

The emphasis will be on wildlife species and their conservation in the UK, with field visits and residential fieldwork integral to the course. There will also be opportunities to study more exotic species through participation in international field courses and engagement with zoos, aquaria and wildlife parks. 01902 323501

FdSc Animal Conservation & Biodiversity at Hadlow College

This programme prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities; focusing on the theoretical and practical aspects of animal conservation and biodiversity. It provides a high quality broad training experience across animal conservation. This enables graduates to move into many career paths within both domestic and wild animal conservation.

FdSc Applied Animal Behavioural Science & Welfare at Hadlow College

The programme will be of interest to students who enjoy the biological sciences and have an interest in pursuing a career in the animal management industry. The varied styles of teaching delivery within the programme are therefore ideal for creating graduates that can make the most of these career opportunities.

FdSc British Wildlife Conservation at Royal Agricultural University

This course gives students a fundamental understanding of the key concepts and principles in British conservation and wildlife management, in both urban and rural contexts. It combines the academic theory with practical and work-based experience, and ensures all students are fully trained in industry standard techniques of research and fieldwork. 01285 652531

FdSc Zoo Husbandry & Management at Hadlow College

The programme is aimed to equip students with a range of skills needed by the zoo industry such as aquatic species management, native species management, project management, horticultural practices as well as direct practical animal management skills on a wide range of species.

HND Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation at University of Wolverhampton

This Course will develop your interests and understanding of the behaviour of animals and the issues that affect their conservation; by focusing on animals in their natural environments. After the course you can use the knowledge of the behaviour and biology of animals to contribute to their protection and conservation. 01902 323501

Level 1 Introductory Diploma in Land-Based Studies - Animal Care at Hadlow College

Covering the basics of handling, feeding and the setting up of accommodation for a wide range of species, this course will enable you to learn how to work safely, care for and maintain animal accommodation in our custom-built animal management unit.

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management at Hadlow College

This course develops a wide range of skills utilising college facilities. These skills include practical hands-on skills looking after animals and those needed in the workplace, such as teamwork and, in your second year, supervising others. These are achieved through practical sessions during your timetable and animal duties.

MSc Biological Recording and Ecological Monitoring and PGCert Biological Recording at Manchester Metropolitan University

These courses are designed to develop your identification skills and give you the ability to use and collect biological records and subject them to critical analysis. The courses are part time, studied mainly in short residential Units at Field Studies Council centres

MSc Wildlife Conservation at University of Wolverhampton

This course provides an in-depth view of contemporary issues while working both in the UK and overseas. The course is taught by experienced academic staff with the assistance of world-leading experts and conservation practitioners. Throughout the course we stress a holistic appreciation of the link between field and laboratory-based work. 01902 323501

Wildlife Identification and Tracking Customised NCFE Level 4 at Woodcraft School Ltd

Bird, mammal, reptile and amphibian field identification, feathers including form, function and identification, track identification, kill sites, scatology, feeding signs, gaits and track patterns, dens and resting places, ecology and behaviour. Identification of mammals and birds through vocalizations including territorial, social, alarm calls. 01730816299

If you are interested in any of the courses detailed please contact ONLY the person, centre, telephone number or email address and remember to mention that you saw the listing in CJS Training Directory. For all courses assume that booking is required and a fee may be applicable.