Training Directory: Identification and Field Survey Skills - Herpetology, Fish and Invertebrates Short Courses.

Azure damselfly (image: Karen Arnold / Pixabay)

Identification and Field Survey Skills - Herpetology, Fish and Invertebrates


Practical training in how to identify, classify and survey reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.  This is sort of an 'everything else'  section!

11/08/2021 Protected Invertebrate Species in the UK 11/08/2021 Days

Virtual, Field Studies Council

We will look at the subject of protection for the UK’s invertebrate fauna and our responsibilities towards ensuring their conservation. By the end of the webinar learners will have a better understanding of the protection of invertebrates within the UK and what this means for their management and reporting.

Cost £10

25/08/2021 Sampling Sites for Invertebrates 0.5 Day

Virtual, Field Studies Council

This webinar will look at why invertebrate sampling is a valuable method of site assessment when looking to improve or manage sites for biodiversity, what surveys are needed to find invertebrates, how to undertake/commission these surveys and what kind of outputs are needed to analyse the survey results.

Cost £10

31/08/2021 Discovering Bees 4 weeks Days

Virtual, Field Studies Council

This 4-week online course will arm beginners with the underpinning knowledge of bee biology, ecology, behaviour and explore how to find these important pollinators in the field. It will consist of study content, assignments, quizzes and weekly live webinars with a bee specialist.

Cost £20

07/09/2021 All About Crayfish 2 Days

Mendip Hills, Nicky Green & Jen Nightingale 07816512430

This course provides a solid grounding in crayfish ecology and survey methods plus an insight into current conservation techniques. Trainees will monitor and handle native white-clawed and invasive signal crayfish. We will visit captive breeding facilities and ark sites and discuss options for controlling invasive crayfish based on latest research.

Cost £275

08/09/2021 Assessing Invertebrate Assemblages: Using & Understanding Panthe 0.5 Day

Virtual, Field Studies Council

The rise of assemblages for UK invertebrates is one of the most significant advances in the field of invertebrate study as it finally removes the shackles of having to face too many species doing too many things. This webinar will explore how PANTHEON can be used to assess invertebrate assemblages.

Cost £10

21/09/2021 Hydrometry: River Discharge Monitoring using ADCPs 4 Days

Online, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology 01491 69 2225

This practical live and interactive training is for new starters and moderately experienced ADCP users. It introduces you to how ADCP instruments work. You will learn how to collect river discharge measurements (Teledyne and Sontek). You will process and validate data. You will learn how to trouble-shoot problem data files.

22/09/2021 Introduction to Habitat Management for Invertebrates 0.5 Day

Virtual, Field Studies Council

On most conservation sites, invertebrates are the most numerous and diverse group. It is increasingly recognised that they are important and that many are threatened. this webinar will give an introduction to some of the habitat management techniques that can be used to conserve invertebrate populations.

Cost £10

29/09/2021 The Tanyptera Project (Natural History Live) 1 Day

Online, FSC BioLinks

An introduction to the different aspects of the Tanyptera project, including what’s being done to promote and facilitate entomology in North West England and how to get involved. Some of the Nationally Rare and Endangered invertebrates found as part of project’s survey work will also feature.

Various 1-2-1 Beekeeper for a Day Exclusive Gift Experience 1 Day

Langtoft, near Peterborough, Bees for Business 01778 487924

For the ultimate experience day, our exclusive one-to-one beekeeping gift experience is a full day working alongside a beekeeper, helping to inspect bees and work through the day's jobs. With plenty of opportunity to ask questions, these exclusive experience days are limited to just one individual and we make just six days available each year.

Cost £250.00

Various Beekeeper for a Day Gift Experience 1 Day

Langtoft, near Peterborough, Bees for Business 01778 487924

You'll receive an experience day gift voucher, which explains how the recipient can select the experience day dates available, beautifully presented in our artisan gift box tied with Bees for Business ribbon.

Cost £125.00

Various Surveying for Protected Species

Online, Ecology Training UK 07818073660

This self-study course consists of videos with information on the
ecology and survey techniques for badgers, dormice, great crested newts, otters, reptiles, and water voles delivered by a Principal Ecologist. It includes legislation and a video of tracks and signs. There are plenty of references for further study and some book suggestions and a couple of quzzes.

Various Reptile and Amphibian ID and Surveying

Online, Ecology Training UK 07818073660

A 3 module course to help you identify all the UK reptile and amphibian species of snake, lizard, frogs, toads and newts. Includes a section on surveying for these species. Self study in your own time.

Contact For Details Seahorse Biology, Ecology and Conservation Course

Online, The Seahorse Trust

A new self-guided online course covering a range of topics including seahorse biology and ecology based on the Trust's research, and considers threats to these and other marine species, and the approach used to conserve species and habitats. Proceeds directly support the work of The Seahorse Trust.

Cost £65

Various Identifying and recording the butterflies of Central Scotland

Online, Butterfly Conservation

Join this free online course to find out how to identify and record the butterflies of Central Scotland.

Free Course

Various ARC's Bitesize Herpetology Courses

Online, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

ARC’s expert staff have created a new series of free, introductory training modules for anyone with an interest in amphibians and reptiles. It’s a great way to increase your knowledge of herpetology, at a pace and time that suits you. The five courses currently available cover identification skills for the 13 native species widespread non-natives. Good luck and have fun!

Free Course

Various Online Ecology Self-Study Courses

Online Ecology Self-Study Courses

Online, Ecology Training UK

Ecology Training UK, one of the UK's top ecology training providers, offers a range of over 20 self-study courses you can do at home.

Various Reptile Ecology, ID and Surveying 0.5 Day

Online, Ecology Training UK 07818073660

Course covers ecology, ID and surveying of all UK reptile species via videos.

Cost £80

Various Unlocking your wildlife career

Online, Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams

Are you a wildlife student or early career wildlife professional? Are you struggling to get a paid or long term wildlife role? Do you want to stop feeling stuck & learn what you can do to move forward in your wildlife career? YES? This free webinar is for you!

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