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Well established Distance Learning college offering over 700 courses in agriculture, horticulture, crops, writing, permaculture, self sufficiency, aquaponics, aquaculture, tourism and more.

Long Courses

Landscape Photography at ACS Distance Education

Learn the techniques necessary to capture the individual expressions of each landscape. Learn about special affects, colour richness, photographic terms, & achieving sharpness. Develop your skill in creating different effects, and using different materials and equipment and see the difference show in your pictures. Distance learning. Start any time. 01384442752

Feeding Animals Self-Study Course at ACS Distance Education

Feeding Animals - self study short course. Learn the essentials of what is required to feed animals. The course has 10 lessons. Introduction to feeding animals, industry opportunities, composition of feed, forage, concentrates, feed additives, managing feed production and supply, feeding small companion animals, pets, livestock, wildlife, eating and nutritional disorders. 01384442752

Ecotherapy Course at ACS Distance Education

New Ecotherapy Practice course. 100 hour distance learning course. This course covers the following lessons: Nature of Ecotherapy; Theory; Ecotherapy Clients; Intake Assessment, Ecotherapy; Resource; Environment-Based Ecotherapy; Plant-Based Ecotherapy; Animal-Based Ecotherapy; Indoor Ecotherapy; Creativity based Ecotherapy; Holistic Wellness incorporating Ecotherapy 01384 442752

Forage Management at ACS Distance Education

Learn to better manage forage resources for both livestock and other animals. For farm animals. For wildlife. For sustainable ecosystems. Online course requiring around 100 hours of study. Start at any time to suit you. To manage forage resources, you need to have a good understanding of both the plants growing in an area, and the animals that graze on those plants. It requires an appreciation of plant and animal ecology and the impacts which man can have on that ecology. 01384 442752

Forestry Foundations Online Course at ACS Distance Education

100 hour online course. Learn to grow, harvest and process wood on a farm, woodland or for a native forest. Learn the key principles and practical management of trees in agroforestry and urban forestry. 10% off to CJS members. Enter the promo code - STUDENT - when enrolling. 01384 442752

Farm Tourism Distance Learning Course at ACS Distance Education

Farm Tourism online course. Add another string to your bow and develop a farm tourism business. Covers all the aspects of agritourism, marketing, promotion, planning, customer care and facilities considerations. Self-paced. 100 hour course. Start at any time. Tutor support. 10% off for CJS visitors. Enter promo code - STUDENT 01384 442752

Aquaponics Online Course at ACS Distance Education

Learn about aquaponics - an intensive form of farming where the two main elements - fish and plants - support each other. Understand plant and animal biology, nutrition and growth. Learn to set up an aquaculture system, plant culture etc. Includes real life case studies and troubleshooting lessons. 01384442752

Aquaculture - 100 hour online course at ACS Distance Education

Aquaculture Course - Study the care and breeding of fresh water fish. Learn essentials of aquaculture. Manage aquaculture enterprise for fresh water fish. Develop the capacity to manage freshwater aquaculture enterprises. Improve your knowledge with this essential course. Improve your job prospects in this field. 01384442752

Animal Breeding - 100 hour online course at ACS Distance Education

Learn more about Animal Breeding, planning animal breeding programs, genetic theory, planning, breeding programmes, practical applications, cross-breeding, livestock improvement and more. This course includes a sound introduction to genetics relevant to any type of animal. Personal guidance from highly qualified and experienced animal scientists and practitioners. 01384 442752

Animal Anatomy and Physiology - 100 hour online course at ACS Distance Education

Develop a sound foundation of knowledge in animal anatomy & physiology. Understand care & management of animals in domesticated or wild situations. Work with animals. Study cells and tissues, the digestive system, the circulatory system, the urinary system, the nervous system, respiration, reproductive systems, muscles, skeleton, growth, development and more. 01384 442752

Plant Taxonomy Course at ACS Distance Education

Study plant taxonomy. This essential course will help you to recognise a greater number of plants & know when & how to use them. Increase your knowledge of plant families. Understand the advantages of accurate plant identification; but also appreciate the limitations, and occasional contradictions in plant naming. 01384 442752

Animal Feed and Nutrition at ACS Distance Education

Study Animal Feed and Nutrition Online. Excellent course for anyone working with animals. Study in your own time and work at your own pace. Tutor Support. Understand how to evaluate and select feeds. All tutors are highly experienced industry specialists. 01384 442752

Artificial Intelligence at ACS Distance Education

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important globally and in agriculture itself. This 100 hour distance learning course can be started at any time to suit you and work at your own pace. The course has eight lessons and includes tutor support and feedback throughout. 01384 442752

Regenerative Agriculture at ACS Distance Education

Study Regenerative Agriculture online. The course consists of ten lessons. Also includes tutor support. Scope and Nature of Regenerative Agriculture Functional and Integrative Level Systems Integrative and Evolutionary Level Systems System Inputs: Climate, Topography, Nutrients Soils Soil Regeneration Livestock Grazing Management Agroforestry Silvopasture System Outputs: Social, Economic and Global Trends Implementation and Whole Farm Planning A Special Project Regenerative Agricultural Enterprise Proposal 01384 442752

Land degradation, restoration and management online course at ACS Distance Education

The course requires approximately 20 hours of study. It is studied by distance learning and you can start at any time to suit you. The course covers 7 lessons - lesson 1 scope and nature of land management; lesson 2 land degradation & rehabilitation; lesson 3 managing soils; lesson 4 managing water; lesson 5 managing plants; lesson 6 managing animal populations; lesson 7 afterwards final assessment get 25% off by entering promo code of national23 01384442752

Trees for Rehabilitation at ACS Distance Education

Study Reafforestation and Bush Regeneration. Understand environmental systems and care of trees. Develop an understanding of environmental systems and the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes.Learn about seed collection, storage, germination, propagation, plant selection, establishment techniques, controlling pest, disease after planting. 100 hour distance learning course. Start at any time to suit you. Self-paced 01384442752

Self-Sufficiency Online Certificate Course at ACS Distance Education

Online Certificate in Self-Sufficiency. Learn basic self-sufficiency skills, then move on to advanced skills. A flexible qualification, also including the option to study permaculture, herbs and more. Includes tutor support and assessment throughout. Start any time. Self-paced course. 01384 442752

Animal Feed and Nutrition Online Course at ACS Distance Education

Animal feed and Nutrition. Learn what animals eat so you can evaluate and select appropriate animal foods. Understand digestion and calculate rations for livestock. Online course. Start anytime. Self-paced course. Includes tutor support. 01384442752

Goat Husbandry at ACS Distance Education

Online Goat Husbandry Course. Learn about Goat care; Health problems; Dairy and meat production; Housing; Fencing etc. Study with expert tutors. Requires around 100 hours of study, Start anytime. Self-paced. 01384442752

Medicinal Herbs Self-Study Course at ACS Distance Education

This self guided 20 hour course covers: Introduction to medicinal herbs; Chemicals in medicinal herb; Their effect on the human body; Ways herbs are used for medicinal purposes; A guide of 50+ herbs; Business opportunities using medicinal herbs 01384442752

Planting What Where Short Course at ACS Distance Education

Understand essentials of plant selection and placement - selection and establishment methods, identifying problems, solutions for wet areas, gardening in shade, designing windbreaks, hedges, screens, plants for dry gardens, coastal regions, trees, shrub selection, small garden design, plants for other situations, lawns, living garden art. Self-study. Around 20 hours of study. Start anytime. 01384442752

Small Business Start Up - 20 hour Self-Study Online Course at ACS Distance Education

The course will help you start your own business. Based on hands on knowledge and experience, this short course takes you through the steps involved in starting and planning for a business. This self-guided, self-paced course will teach you more about starting your own business. 01384442752

Plant Health 20 Hour Online Self-Paced Course at ACS Distance Education

Plant Health Short Course - Understanding Plant Pests And Diseases. This course will help in the identification of these problems. Without correct identification, it would be very difficult to suggest a suitable method of control. Learn to identify and control many of the most common pests and diseases of plants. 01384442752

Caring for Chickens and Other Poultry Short, Self-Paced 20 Hour Course at ACS Distance Education

Become an expert in raising chickens and poultry. This short course covers 6 lessons exploring history and origins of chickens and other poultry overall nature of caring for chickens recognising breeds fundamentals of feeding and nutrition health care general management of a flock industry services and opportunities Start anytime. Requires around 20 hours of study. 01384442752

Cattle Breeding at ACS Distance Education

Self-study Cattle Farming Course, requires 20 hours of study. Start any time. Self-paced. Lessons cover - 1 Introduction – trends and technologies in farming 2 Nutrition, health and disease 3 Pasture and forage management 4 Commercial herds 5 Processes and welfare considerations 6 Producing quality stock 7 Breeds guide. 01384442752

Agricultural Marketing at ACS Distance Education

Online Agricultural Marketing Course. Learn to sell farm produce more effectively and efficiently. Start any time. Tutor support available throughout the course. A successful rural manager also needs to understand their unique markets, and how to capitalise on market forces to maximise business profit. 01384442752

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