Capel Manor College

Capel Manor College is London’s environmental college, offering a wide range of internationally-recognised courses in arboriculture, agriculture, countryside management and environmental conservation. All courses are taught by exceptional tutors with vast amounts of industry experience.

Long Courses

Agriculture at Capel Manor College

Learn work-based skills first-hand at our farm. Choose from our variety of agriculture courses, and earn qualifications needed for a career cultivating the land, growing and harvesting crops and breeding and providing high standards of welfare to livestock.

Arboriculture and Forestry at Capel Manor College

We offer the perfect location for arboriculture studies with over 30 acres of gardens, and over 200 acres of land spread across the capital. Our courses and apprenticeships open up many educational and career opportunities as many of our students’ enter careers within the industry.

Wildlife and Environmental Conservation at Capel Manor College

Our countryside management and environmental conservation courses will equip you with the skills needed for a career in the industry. You will learn the specialist knowledge required along with gaining the extensive hands-on field experience needed to manage habitats, conserve wildlife and the environment.

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