CIEEM offers a national programme of training courses, conferences and webinars as well as regional events organised by our Member Networks.


16/11/2021 CIEEM 2021 Autumn Conference: Management, Mitigation and Monitoring at TBC 2 Days

CIEEM Contact: 01962 868626

Our two-day conference will support excellence in the survey, management, and monitoring of, and mitigation of impacts on, habitats and species by sharing new case studies, introducing novel approaches and stimulating debate with expert practitioners. Presentations will cover practice at a range of scales and in a variety of contexts including conservation management, development planning and sustainable land use.


18/11/2021 Are Dogs Better Than Ecologists at Surveys? at Online via Zoom 1 Day

CIEEM Contact:

Are dogs better than ecologists at surveys? This question will be the theme of November's CIEEM Academia Special Interest Group get-together event. The ASIG host one hour discussion meetings on the third Thursday of each month, 6-7pm.

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