CIEEM offers a national programme of training courses, conferences and webinars as well as regional events organised by our Member Networks.

Short Courses

01/12/2022 Introduction to UK Habitat Classification 2 Days

via Zoom, CIEEM 01962 868626

This course will enable delegates to plan for and conduct a UK Habitat Classification Survey.

05/12/2022 Plant Identification and Botanical Keys 2 Days

via Zoom, CIEEM 01962 868626

Key areas of study include plant taxonomy and classification (family, genus, species), plant physiology and biology (including reproduction), identifying plant components (stem, leaf, petals, sepals, bracts, hairs, reproductive organs), identifying at family level (e.g. mint/deadnettle: square stemmed, labiate flower), look-alike plants, understanding the laws surrounding protected species and invasive plants and understanding the habitats and 'niches' in which species grow.

07/12/2022 Ecological Report Writing 2 Days

via Teams, CIEEM 01962 868626

This training course will cover how to produce good quality ecological reports, for species and habitat surveys and Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs), following CIEEM?s ?Guidelines for Ecological Report Writing? (part of the Technical Guidance Series).

07/12/2022 Winter Tree ID: extending the season in ecological surveys 1 Day

Nesscliffe Village Hall, CIEEM 01962 868626

This is a day course aimed at the keen beginner and improver alike, providing an introduction to winter tree identification. Emphasis will be placed on key characters to distinguish each species from similar looking plants. By the end of the course participants will be able to use a key and will be able to recognise the key characters.

08/12/2022 Otter Survey and Ecology 2 Days

Birnam Guest House, CIEEM 01962 868626

Delegates will learn to identify the characteristics of main habitats during the winter months and plan surveys for the following summer season. This will involve excursions (weather permitting) to a range of otter habitats. Methods of appraisal for ecological habitat assessment in relation to otter and appropriate land management is discussed and debated.

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