CIEEM offers a national programme of training courses, conferences and webinars as well as regional events organised by our Member Networks.

Short Courses

26/04/2021 Train the Trainer for Ecologists 3 Days

Online via Zoom, CIEEM 01962 868626

This unique course is specially designed for ecologists and environmental professionals and covers field as well as classroom tuition. The aim is for participants to develop their training skills towards designing and delivering courses to a professional standard of tuition.

26/04/2021 Bats: Assessing the Impact of Development on Bats, Mitigation & Enhancement 2 Days

Online via Zoom, CIEEM 01962 868626

This course covers impacts on bats of different types of development and various mitigation and enhancement requirements for planning. Course appropriate for all those undertaking professional bat work in the UK.

05/05/2021 Introduction to Nature Conservation Legislation in the UK (Scotland) 2 Days

Online via Zoom, CIEEM 01962 868626

In order to understand the changing landscape, this course provides an introductory level review of nature conservation legislation, looking at how the current framework translates to practical actions, and considering how effective it is in achieving its aims.

06/05/2021 Water Vole Ecology and Surveys 2 Days

ONLINE with in-person field visit (Gloucestershire), CIEEM 01962 868626

This is an introductory course on water voles. It will cover the background ecology of, and appropriate survey techniques for, water voles in the context of development projects.

17/05/2021 Beginners QGIS for Ecologists and Conservation Practitioners (Ireland) 2 Days

Online via Zoom, CIEEM 01962 868626

The course is designed to enable you to become a competent GIS operator with a practical focus on producing survey maps and analysing data derived from your surveys.

20/05/2021 Water Vole Mitigation 2 Days

Online via Zoom, CIEEM 01962 868626

This course covers the impacts of different types of development on water voles and the options for mitigation. This course is aimed at experienced practitioners (intermediate or advanced level) which complements our practical training on 'Water Vole Live Trapping, Care and Restoration'.


23/04/2021 Nature Based Solutions: Opportunities in a time of biodiversity crisis and climate emergency at Online - Zoom 2 Days

CIEEM Contact: 01962 868626

Last year, Ireland and CIEEM declared a climate emergency and biodiversity crisis with Northern Ireland doing in early 2020. These declarations recognised that both crises are inextricably linked and cannot be addressed in isolation. It is vital, as never before, that the work of CIEEM, its members and our professions continue to be at the forefront of targeted action. We believe that Nature-based solutions (NbS) must play a key role and we are happy to announce this as the theme of the Irish Conference 2021.