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SURVEY CLOSES ON Sunday 24 October

Only by knowing your opinions can we meet your needs and thus maintain our position as the Biggest and the Best.

Fit for the future

It's been a turbulent few years and it's time we assessed how well CJS is fitting your needs and providing the services you want and need in a way that is simple and easy to use. Your opinions matter and we do listen. This survey is more in depth than previous ones, with quite a few open ended questions, as we work out how to ensure that CJS remains relevant to you: our readers. We're not expecting essays just a few words or a sentence or two at most. Please be honest - write your first response on reading the question.

The survey is broken into various sections you can complete as many as are appropriate or you want. There are only three compulsory questions everything else is entirely up to you and how much time you want to spend, we think it should take no more than 15 minutes.

Thank you for your time

We know everyone is incredibly busy and as a thank you to everyone who submits a survey will receive a month (four weeks) of CJS Weekly and one survey drawn at random will receive a full year's subscription

We also have some wonderful rewards on offer, unless you indicate otherwise by unticking the boxes you will be entered into a draw for each reward.


A Field Studies Course

One of two £25 vouchers for NHBS

£50 voucher to spend at Habitat Aid

Sweet Cecily's lip balm gift box - perfect for those days outside in all weathers.

One of two sets of stamps from Royal Mail celebrating our National Parks

Full year of CJS Weekly (can be added to an existing subscription or given to someone else)

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NB: only one entry per email address.


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Reward feature this week is:

Something for everyone and for one person a year's subscription.

Everyone who submits a survey will receive a month (four weeks) of CJS Weekly and one survey drawn at random will receive a full year's subscription which can be added to an existing subscription or given to someone else.

Your Details:



How often do you visit

How did you find out about CJS:


Remember we have no control over the number or location of vacancies!

Types of jobs

Currently the main areas for CJS Main Area of Interest I Would Like To See… Of No Interest
Animal care
Animal handling and welfare (including zoos) and wildlife rescue
Arboriculture and forestry
Countryside Officer, advice provision, policy and decision makers
Community project work e.g. allotments and green gym, now includes health e.g. green prescription.
Countryside Ranger
Countryside Management - practical (e.g. fencing, gate repair etc.)
Ecology and Biodiversity
Education posts for adult / professional training
Environmental education including forest school
Heritage, ancient monuments and archaeology
Horticulture i.e. gardeners
Outdoor activities instructors including bushcraft
Public Rights of Way / access posts
Publicity, promotion and press including web and social media also membership management
Research e.g. field work
Support roles, including IT
Sustainability: recycling, waste reduction, composting, climate and net zero roles
Volunteer Co-ordinators and youth work
Visitor Services
Wildlife and Zoology (not research) e.g. reintroduction projects and monitoring.
Areas which we don't currently automatically include, these are peripheral to CJS core areas.
Agriculture e.g. Farm Manager
Angling and Fisheries
Energy e.g. windfarm or solar farm
Field / country sports e.g. Gamekeeper, Stalker
Research not currently included e.g. plant pathology
Rural regeneration

Feedback for advertisers:

What must an advert contain? Tick as many as necessary.



Do you visit the Volunteers Section

Are you more interested in long term placements or shorter / occasional voluntary roles?

Would you be interested in taking a voluntary board or committee role with an organisation e.g. acting as a trustee?

Feedback for advertisers:

What are the best volunteer benefits?    

Benefit Placement (full or part time) Occasional  e.g. on a conservation task day
training - with certification / qualification
training - informal
free food / cafe



Do you use the Training Directory

Have you used the Directory to find a course

Have you gone a course or to an event as a result of seeing it on the website

Have you gone a course or to an event as a result of seeing it in a CJS newsletter e.g. CJS Professional



Do you read the news section

Are we covering the right areas


Features and CJS Focus

Do you find the features useful?

We cover a wide range which do you enjoy or find useful?

Any areas of the sector we should source more articles?

Have you watched any of our Facebook Live Sessions?


CJS Website and Online


CJS Newsletters

CJS Weekly

Are you a CJS Weekly subscriber?

Specifically for CJS Weekly please rate your satisifaction for each of the following

  Reason for Low / Very Low
Overall Satisfaction
Subscription Process
Jobs Content
Overall Value for Money

Why did you originally subscribe to CJS Weekly?

Do you like receiving the edition as an emailed PDF or would you like to view online as a mobile friendly webpage? We'd email you a link each week so no need to remember to check. 


CJS Professional

Do you receive the monthly email?

Do you forward your CJS Professional monthly email?

(it's OK if you do, this is only so we can gauge reader numbers)

How often do you click through to CJS Professional online?

Which sections do you find most useful? Tick as many as appropriate


CJS Daily Email

Do you receive the daily email?

How often do you click through to view items in full online?


Connecting with CJS

Do you like / follow / connect with CJS on social media, tick as many as appropriate:



Section Two: General feedback and looking to the future

Remember we're not looking for essays, just a sentence or two and your first thoughts.


What makes CJS different from other websites and publications?


What's the best thing about CJS?


And if you change just one thing what would it be?


Do you have any suggestions for new features that CJS should include or areas you'd like to see.


Would you recommend CJS to a friend / colleague?


If you're happy with CJS and would like to spread the word please write us a testimonial. We may include it online and in our literature, don't worry we won't use your name.


If you have a message for the CJS Team or any other comments about CJS please send those too.





Highest level of academic qualification

Ideally your next job will be at which level:

Have you taken any additional training?

If yes was this within the:

Are you required to take further training to fulfill Continuing Professional Development requirements

Are you a member of a professional association e.g. CIEEM or CMA?



You will be entered into the draw for each reward.  If you do NOT want to be entered into the draw for any of the rewards uncheck the boxes.

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Many thanks for your time and assistance, it is much appreciated.

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Something for everyone and for one person a year's subscription.

CJS Weekly logo

Everyone who submits a survey will receive a month (four weeks) of CJS Weekly and one survey drawn at random will receive a full year's subscription which can be added to an existing subscription or given to someone else.

logo: FSC (Field Studies Council)

Field Studies Council Course

Field Studies Council (FSC) is an environmental education charity and a leading provider of outdoor education, delivering informative and enjoyable opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to discover, explore, and understand the environment.

Our new online training courses include online course materials, expert tuition and a flexible learning style. After attending a course, you may like to progress your learning with further relevant FSC courses or branch out into other areas. Courses are carefully created to help you constantly build on your knowledge as they progress.

Courses Include:

  • 45-minute interactive Zoom workshops to connect with the tutor and other participants
  • Personalised feedback on a marked assignment
  • Expert tuition for which the FSC is renowned
  • Activities to work on independently in advance of each Zoom workshop

Once registered, you will follow well-illustrated, user-friendly ’books’ to pick up knowledge. Quizzes and skill-checks will give you instant feedback on your learning. Forums give students the chance to interact with each other as well as a place to share work.

You can rest assured that the absolute best content from an expert in environmental education will be at your fingertips.

View our On-line courses

logo: Habitat Aid

£50 voucher to spend at Habitat Aid.

Habitat Aid is a small award winning business in Somerset, which has been selling plants and seeds since 2008. It sells woodland trees, hedging and hedge plants, wildflowers, garden "trees for bees", pond plants, heritage fruit trees, wildflower seed and bulbs. These come from small specialist British growers and harvesters; sustainability and local provenance are key parts of our philosophy. The company makes regular donations to small science based UK conservation charities too.

logo: Sweet Cicily's

Sweet Cecily's lip balm gift box - perfect for those days outside in all weathers.

Sweet Cecily’s is a pioneering natural skincare company based close to CJS. The project is part of an existing family run business, Nature’s Laboratory, which researches and manufactures herbal medicines. Sweet Cecily’s prides itself on using ethically sourced ingredients for all their products. Always trying to reduce their carbon footprint the company has some lovely stuff. See:

One of two £25 vouchers for NHBS.

logo: nhbs

NHBS’s core purpose is to support those who work to understand, protect, and conserve the natural environment. We do this by:

  • Offering the largest range of wildlife, ecology and conservation books and equipment in the world
  • Providing expert advice and support to ensure that you are confident in using the books and equipment purchased
  • Providing the continuity in products and services that is essential for longer term research projects

As we are passionate about the natural world, in addition to the commitments above we also believe that all businesses can and should be run responsibly. Our environmental policy spells out what we do to minimise our impact on the environment. Finally, we are committed to the health and well-being of our NHBS Team – we actively support our team by providing training and development opportunities as well as supporting them to get directly involved in conservation.

Get Social: Twitter - @nhbsNews   Facebook - @nhbsnews  Instagram - @nhbsnews

One of two sets of stamps featuring National Parks

Royal Mail issued the stamps earlier this year to celebrate seventy years since the creation of the first of our National Parks, ten of the current fifteen National Parks are featured in the ten stamp set.