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Recently added online events and learning including calendar of short courses happening in November 2023.



03/11/2023 Environmental Improvement Plan 2023 Conference 1 Day
London, Westminster Insight. Contact:
In January 2023, the Government published the UK’s Environmental Improvement Plan 2023 (EIP 23) – the first revision to the 25-Year Environment Plan aiming to stop decline in nature and reverse it. Together with the Environmental Act, the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill, Green Finance Strategy, revised national air quality strategy and the new Plan for Water, the EIP presents opportunities for central and local government, farmers, land managers, water companies, planners, developers, businesses and investors to work together to halt harmful effects of agricultural management, climate change, urbanisation, air, water and soil pollution and invasion of non-native species.

04/11/2023 Wales Bat Worker's Day 1 Day
Centre for Alternative Technologies near Machynlleth, Bat Conservation Trust. Contact:
The Wales Bat Worker's Day is aimed at anyone with an interest in bats! It provides a good opportunity for meeting with others who are involved with bat work as well as developing knowledge and skills that can support local bat conservation.

07/11/2023 National Tree Officers Conference 2023 1 Day
Reading, Berkshire, Institute of Chartered Foresters. Contact:
Building on the success of seven previous events, we’re delighted to announce the National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC) will return on the 7 November 2023. Proudly hosted by the Association of Tree Officers (ATO), Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF), London Tree Officers Association (LTOA) and the Municipal Tree Officers’ Association (MTOA), this year’s conference will take place in Reading, Berkshire.

11/11/2023 The National Dormouse Conference – Dormice in a Changing World 1 Day
University of Reading, People's Trust for Endangered Species. Contact:
PTES manage the NDMP and the dormouse reintroduction programme. The National Dormouse Conference will coincide with the release of the State of Britain’s Dormice 2023 to give an update of the status of this enigmatic species and to consider the future conservation strategy.

13/11/2023 Where Sports and Nature meet International Networking & Learning Symposium of the SEE Project 3 Days
Burg Schwaneck, Munich, Europarc Federation. Contact:
The SEE Project aims to enhance the protection of natural landscapes through education in and through sport with special focus on responsible outdoor behaviour and skills development for outdoor sports leaders, trainers, guides, or instructors.

16/11/2023 Annual Conference 2023 – Access, inclusion and safety in parks: A path to a greener future 1 Day
The Chester House Estate, Little Irchester, Wellingborough, NN8 2DH, Midlands Parks Forum. Contact:
Access to the outdoors and nature-based experiences should be available to everyone, regardless of age, ability and circumstance. Location, socio-cultural factors, physical barriers, personal safety, communication, design and engagement are all critical factors in creating inclusive spaces, but when absent, the outdoors can amplify existing barriers of safety and discrimination, resulting in a ‘barricade of barriers.’

27/11/2023 State of the UK's Butterflies: Are Conservation Efforts Working? 1 Day
Online, Biological Recording Company. Contact:
The UK's butterflies are in trouble with half of them listed as threatened and 80% having decreased in abundance and distribution since the 1970s. This talk will present the latest assessment of the UK's butterflies, drawing on decades of data from citizen science recording and monitoring.

30/11/2023 2023 CLA Rural Business Conference - Competing visions: the future of the land 1 Day
QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, SW1P 3EE, CLA. Contact:
The 2023 CLA Rural Business Conference takes place on Thursday 30 November at the QEII Centre ​in central London. Don't miss this important opportunity to learn from those who can help you succeed ‑ take advantage ​of special prices for ​CLA members and secure your place today.



02/11/2023 Gardening For Earthworms: Mutual Benefits of Earthworm-friendly Gardening at Online 1 Day

Biological Recording Company Contact:

Understanding the different ecological groups of earthworms is key to improving your little patch of our planet. Earthworms are vital for maintaining healthy soils and provide a host of other benefits to garden habitats. Learn few tips on how you can improve the earthworm diversity and abundance within your garden.

15/11/2023 Can Satellite Imagery Data Be Used For Biodiversity Net Gain? at Zoom 0.5 Day

Biological Recording Company Contact:

This free webinar will explore the potential pros and cons of using satellite imagery for assessing and monitoring Biodiversity Net Gain. Featuring data scientist and ecologist speakers and a panel discussion with a live audience of ecologists, record centres, conservations, developers, landscapers and more!

20/11/2023 The Downland and Dung Beetle Project: The Story of Onthophagus joannae at Online 1 Day

Biological Recording Company Contact:

Dung beetles are vital to healthy soil systems. They perform a variety of ecosystem services and are, in turn, food source for other species. New researches show that only a quarter of UK dung beetles remain in a state of 'least concern' with the rest considered regionally extinct.

23/11/2023 American Signal Crayfish: A Losing Battle? at Online 1 Day

Biological Recording Company Contact:

American Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) have been widely established in the UK since the 1970's and have had many adverse impacts including the near extinction of the native White Clawed Crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipe). This presentation discusses efforts to control this invasive species in south west England.

Short Courses

Administrative and Office Skills

03/11/2023 Discovering QGIS (Online)
This beginner online QGIS course will teach you how to use the QGIS interface and begin to build, style, and present maps. The ability to utilise GIS is becoming essential for many jobs, including ecologists, engineers, educators, emergency services, and many, many more.

04/11/2023 QGIS for Recorders 2 Days at Margam Discovery Centre, Port Talbot
This course provides you with the skills to work with spatial data, to view it, edit and map it. These are important in understanding where and when you can find key species and habitats, exploring how your data fits into the landscape and creating solutions that will help biodiversity thrive.

Above two courses with Field Studies Council. Contact:

07/11/2023 Managing Your Scientific Code: Version Control for Researchers 2 Days
Online, The Marine Biological Association. Contact: 01752 426493
The course is designed to get researchers started with version control (GitHub & GitKraken Client), demonstrate how to collaborate effectively as well as introduce version control best practices, as practised by research software engineering teams. This course is approved by the Royal Society of Biology for purposes of CPD.

11/11/2023 The Art of Rewilding Guiding / Guide Training 6 Days
Glen Feshie, Cairngorms, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. Contact:
The scale and success of rewilding relies on changing the way we relate to the landscapes we live in, and the species that share our space. Enabling such a shift in mindset rests with the ability to bring rewilding to life and make it relevant to people’s everyday experiences.

13/11/2023 Discovering iReocrd (Online) Day
Online, Field Studies Council. Contact:
This course will introduce learners to the basics of biological recording, such as grid references, data flow and verification. In addition, the course will give those new to iRecord (or those existing users that struggle with the platform) an introduction to the basic features of the platform.

16/11/2023 Masterclass: How to Write a Winning Grant Response 1 Day
Online, The Marine Biological Association. Contact: 01752 426493
Scientific funding is a highly competitive world, and funders are often looking for very specific requirements. This masterclass will help focus your project to improve your grant writing skills and optimise your chances of being more successful in securing research funding.

18/11/2023 The Art of Rewilding Storytelling / Communications Training 6 Days
Glen Feshie, Cairngorms, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. Contact:
Rewilding relies on changing the way we perceive and relate to the landscapes we live in, and the species that share our space. This course will explore the social and cultural barriers to rewilding, and the techniques to effectively communicate the complex messages associated with the restoration of living systems.

20/11/2023 UK Wildlife & The Law (online) 0.5 Day
Online, The Species Recovery Trust. Contact: 01722 322539
A half-day online course getting participants to grips with UK Wildlife legislation and policy.

Community Engagement and Environmental Education

08/11/2023 Exploring the outdoors for early years (Raising the Standard) 1 Day
Trosley Country Park, Kent Country Parks. Contact: 03000413500
This fun packed course will explore how the natural environment can be used to stimulate the senses of Early Years children.

16/11/2023 Learning Beyond the Classroom (Level 3) Training Course 1 Day at Forge Farm, Cropredy, Banbury, Oxfordshire
An accredited training course exploring curriculum-based outdoor learning. Designed to boost confidence and cover all aspects of successfully managing outdoor learning.

17/11/2023 Learning Beyond the Classroom (Level 3) Training Course 1 Day at Rough Close Scout Activity Campsite, Coventry, Warwickshire
An accredited training course exploring curriculum-based outdoor learning. Designed to boost confidence and cover all aspects of successfully managing outdoor learning.

Above two courses with Forge Learning. Contact:  

Countryside Management Techniques

03/11/2023 Small Woodland Management 1 Day
If you are thinking about buying a small woodland or have just invested in one, this course is for you.

24/11/2023 Practical Skills for Managing Small Woodland 1 Day
Develop the practical skills and techniques required to become a proficient custodian of your own small woodland.

Above two courses with Surrey Wildlife Trust at Leatherhead. Contact: 01372 379523

First Aid, Risk Assessment and other Health & Safety Related Courses

09/11/2023 Forest School First Aid 2 Days
Trosley Country Park, Kent Country Parks. Contact: 03000 413500
This two day course provides learners with a level 3 qualification in outdoor first aid. Ideal for Forest School practitioners and those working towards their award.

13/11/2023 Pesticides application PA1 and PA6 3 Days
East Malling, East Malling Short Courses. Contact:
PA1 mandatory unit and Pa6 This course covers all safety checks, calibration, maintenance and correct use of hand held pesticides applicators.

21/11/2023 First Aid for Forest School Training Course 2 Days
Daventry Scout Centre, Daventry, Northamptonshire, Forge Learning. Contact:
This course will provide you with two qualifications; Level 3 Paediatric First Aid & Level 3 Outdoor First Aid.

Identification and Field Survey Skills - Herpetology, Fish and Invertebrates

07/11/2023 Bee Nesting Ecology (Online) Day
Online, Field Studies Council. Contact:
This course explores the varied nesting ecology of UK bee species and the particular niches they inhabit. We also look at the guidance given to help inform those who wish to provide artificial nesting sites for the UK's native bee species.

08/11/2023 Mining Bee Identification 1 Day
Natural History Museum, London, Biological Recording Company. Contact:
This microscope-based course will start with a brief introduction to the ecology of mining bees, before delving into the identification features that are used to separate different species of Andrena. Learners will work through the mining bee teaching collection of preserved specimens, using ID keys to reach a species determination.

19/11/2023 Reptiles and Amphibians of the UK Workshop 1 Day
Online, Conservation Chat UK Ltd. Contact: 07712296990
Join us for this 3-hour workshop as we discuss the reptile and amphibian species found in the UK. We will discuss the behaviour and biology of the UK's toads, frogs, newts, snakes and lizards. We will also look at the distribution of the species and offer top identification tips. We will also look at threats and conservation and discuss how you can attract these animals to your garden!

25/11/2023 Introduction to Invertebrate Assemblages and Pantheon Software 1 Day
Alyn Waters Country Park, Mold Road, Gwersyllt, Wrexham, Field Studies Council. Contact:
This beginner course will demonstrate how Pantheon software works to gauge site conditions in a range of habitats. This will be done via real-time usage of the software. There will be a brief outdoor session to try to identify any habitats that may suit invertebrate assemblage types.

28/11/2023 Great Crested Newts - Ecology, Conservation and Survey (online) 0.5 Day

Online, The Species Recovery Trust. Contact: 01722 322539

Half-day online course covering newt ecology, conservation, legal protection and survey techniques.

Identification and Field Survey Skills - Mammals

03/11/2023 Seal Field Skills to Inform Conservation Day
Online, Field Studies Council. Contact:
Developed and led by leading seal conservation experts at the Seal Research Trust, this practical online course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to start recording and surveying seals to become an effective seal ambassador.

04/11/2023 British Mammals Tracking and Field Signs Workshop 1 Day
Online, Conservation Chat UK Ltd. Contact: 07712296990
This three-hour long workshop (including a short break) is brought to you by Conservation Chat UK Ltd. The workshop will present information about British mammal tracks and field signs. We will cover a wide range of animals including rodents, mustelids, deer and cetaceans.

11/11/2023 Beaver ecology and field signs 1 Day
Canterbury, Kent Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01622 662012
Explore the world of European beavers in the UK and put into practice what you have learned in an outdoor beaver survey.

Identification and Field Survey Skills - Plants and Habitats

01/11/2023 Beginner's Fern Field ID 1 Day
Perivale Wood, Ealing, London, Biological Recording Company. Contact:
Beginner's Fern Field ID will explore the diversity of ferns (including horsetails) and clubmosses. We will also examine material both indoors and in the field, using standard botanical keys and hand lenses to develop basic fern identification skills. All under the guidance of professional botanist Dr Mark Spencer.

02/11/2023 Heathlands and acid grasslands (online) 0.5 Day
Online, The Species Recovery Trust. Contact: 01722 322539
Online course teaching the main plants found in dry & wet heaths and acid grassland, with tips for easy ID in the field.

04/11/2023 Surveying Habitats using UKHab 2 Days
Oakwell Hall, Nutterland, Birstall, West Yorkshire, Field Studies Council. Contact:
This practical 2-day intermediate course will teach you the fundamentals of using UK Habitat Classification (UKHab) to map and assess a wide-range of commonly encountered habitats. The UK Habitat Classification (UKHab) has become the industry standard, not least because it is integral to DEFRA's Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) metric.

06/11/2023 Habitat Indicator Species (online) 0.5 Day
Online, The Species Recovery Trust. Contact: 01722 322539
An online course giving participants an overview of terrestrial lowland habitats and the key indicator species which define them

06/11/2023 UK Habitat Classification (UKHab) Online Training Course 1 Day
Online, Kent Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01622 662012
An online training day on the UK Habitat Classification, a new comprehensive classification system for vegetation habitats used in conservation and land management

11/11/2023 Fascinating Fungi Walk 1 Day
Three Hagges Woodmeadow, Escrick, York, Woodmeadow Trust. Contact: 07874873908
Join mycologist Rhona Sutherland on this fascinating fungi walk in Three Hagges Woodmeadow. Discover and learn about the wonderful array of fungal fruiting bodies in all shapes, sizes and colours with wonderful names.

13/11/2023 Around Britain in 25 sedges (online) 0.5 Day
Online, The Species Recovery Trust. Contact: 01722 322539
Online course looking at the key sedge species which are commonly encountered in UK habitats.

16/11/2023 NVC Winter Habitat Survey: Understanding and Describing Plant Communities 2 Days
Slapton Ley, Slapton, Kingsbridge, Devon, Field Studies Council. Contact:
This intermediate course will provide you with the skills required to confidently use the National Vegetation Classification in winter as a framework to approach how plant communities are responding to environmental change. It is a key skill for many within and interested in an environmental career.

18/11/2023 Identification of Fungi III 1 Day at Hemsted Forest
Helpful tips on identification of larger fungi and their habitats in the field.

18/11/2023 Introduction to Conifers 1 Day at Tyland Barn
Pine, spruce, larch, fir, cedar, redwood, an introduction to identification in the classroom through foliage and cones. Linked to next day.

Above courses with Kent Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01622 662012

18/11/2023 Botany 101: Using Botany Keys and Guides 1 Day
Lesnes Abbey Wood, Biological Recording Company. Contact:
build your botanical ID foundations with botanist Dr Mark Spencer at Lesnes Abbey Woods in southeast London. Learn the terminology associated with botany and plant identification, how to work through botanical keys, how to use field guides and gain practical experience observing wild plants and using specimens for botanical ID.

19/11/2023 Conifers of Bedgebury 1 Day
Bedgebury Pinetum, Kent Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01622 662012
Field studies amongst the largest collection of conifers in the UK. Linked to previous day.

25/11/2023 Winter Plant Identification 1 Day

Perivale Wood, Ealing, London, Biological Recording Company. Contact:

Botanical ID using vegetative characters (including leaves, stems and buds) that can be used during winter. This course is aimed at 'improver' botanists and early career ecological consultants who wish to develop their skills 'off season'. We will be exploring plant material using The Vegetative Key to the British Flora.

Practical Countryside Skills

24/11/2023 Practical Coppicing 1 Day
Near Bathgate, TCV Scotland. Contact: 01788479697
We will be looking at the historical uses and the relevance of coppicing today. The best part of the day will then be spent learning how to coppice and pollard. It’s very much ‘hands on’ with use of tools, PPE and safe working practices

Longer Courses


Advanced Certificate in Arboriculture, HND Forestry, Certificate in Forestry, Advanced Certificate in Forestry and HNC Forestry with Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)

Environmental Education

Environmental Leadership Programme with Shropshire Wildlife Trust and UpRising

Land and Countryside Management

HNC Wildlife and Conservation Management , NC Countryside Management, HND Wildlife and Conservation Management and BSc (Hons) Wildlife & Conservation Management with Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)

Distance Learning

Leadership Development with Conservation Coaching

Goat Husbandry, Animal Feed and Nutrition Online Course and Self-Sufficiency Online Certificate Course with ACS Distance Education

Conservation Project Management & Design Conservation Careers


Conservation Coaching


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