There were how many adverts?

Now that the madness that is January is over we have time to draw breath we have been able to download the data and look back at 2023. As ever it was a busy year here at CJS we published over 3,000 adverts across all the whole of CJS, 2,500 were posted online, the remainder however were published in CJS Weekly – and that’s excluding the nearly 1,000 vacancies listed in the unique CJS Digest.


pie chart of the job categories
proportion of each type of job advertised during 2023 - click to view full size

Ah, but what sort of jobs?

Of the adverts posted online the majority were for countryside management roles (17%) however 12% were working in ecology and a further 10% for community and volunteer co-ordinator type roles. There was a good spread across all the other areas covered by CJS with combined forestry and arboriculture roles comprising 7% of total. Over two thirds of roles were at the main grade level however pleasingly an increasing number were for paid apprenticeships and interns, and at entry level, just over 3% of total advertised. Traineeships were among the most popular adverts on the website in 2023, taking five of the top ten advert places, all of them attracting over 1,000 views during the period they were online. The most popular advert was for Associate Assessors for City and Guilds, closely followed by a Ranger post at Balmoral.

We’ve collated the data differently this year meaning we can’t make a straight correlation with previous years however in very broad stokes the geographic spread is about the same but the range and type of work required is more varied even though countryside is still the main focus.

You can see the data tables here for jobs and here for regional distribution.



    pie chart showing proportions of work by CJS
    89% of all that CJS produced during 2023 was done free of charge - click to view full size

    And most of it is done free!

    Recording the data differently also means we can also see how much we’ve done free – and when we look at the numbers it appears that it is the majority of all that CJS does!

    So what exactly did we do?

    Well, of the 12 and half thousand CJS Weeklys nearly three quarters (72.5%) were sent free. There were 127 free linage adverts for paid posts (in CJS Weekly) and 372 for voluntary / unpaid roles these were online as well as in CJS Weekly. And of course the unique CJS Digest of vacancies from other sources which ran to 752 listings over the year, another one only accessible by CJS Weekly subscribers.

    That’s not all, there were three special CJS Focus editions and a further 88 in depth features and articles. The Training Directory carried 1,000 listings for short and long courses. We also promote a wide range of initiatives funding opportunities, events, surveys, research and citizens science – pretty much anything within the countryside conservation sector.



    heading from a copy of CJS Weekly published in 2005
    Masthead of CJS Weekly published in 2005 complete with the mission statement

    Why do we do this?

    Since the first edition CJS has always been focused on promoting countryside careers in the UK and environmental conservation worldwide and not on making vast profits thereby ensuring that hard earned funds are spent where they should be – on actually conserving things and not on advertising. However, we do need to earn enough to pay the bills and allow us to do all of this free of charge so whilst you can advertise on other websites you won’t be helping out in quite same way – or gaining access to the dedicated professionals across the sector reading this vast trove of information.

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