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CJS is now an Organisational Supporter of Scottish Environment LINK 

North of the border there is a lot of work going on for nature and wildlife so we thought we should get involved and reach out to ScotLINK who aim to support the many organisations working in the sector in Scotland.


LINK is the national intermediary for Scotland’s voluntary, citizen-led, environmental organisations, with over 40 member organisations and a collective membership of more than 500,000 people. It’s aim is to secure a sustainable Scotland, where our society and wellbeing have nature at their heart, benefitting people, communities and the planet. Members represent a wide range of environmental interests, employing land managers, service providers, campaigners and policy experts working on issues including agriculture, wildlife, landscape, health and wellbeing, environmental economics, environmental governance and environmental justice. Members have a common goal of contributing to a more environmentally sustainable society.


Members come together as LINK to share resources and knowledge, to build a stronger and louder voice together and to bring an informed environment voice into policy and public debates through LINK members. The value of this joint working appeals across the membership, from large to small organisations. It delivers more effective use of limited resources through sharing and it provides mutual support at a time of eco-anxiety and pressures from divisive media and politics.


And I bet you didn’t know that 17% of all job adverts published online in 2023 were based in Scotland so even if you’re not there at the moment, maybe a job will draw you to the beautiful Scottish countryside.


Find out more about ScotLINK at


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