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How it works:

We collate together news from across the internet, picking up information from press releases, web searches, twitter, blogs. This is sent out in real time via twitter and each day we pick a handful of stories of interest which are included on the Headlines page.

The headlines are also sent by email to subscribed readers.  The news is included in full in CJS Professional which is sent as a free newsletter to relevant sites and offices and in our weekly newsletter, CJS Weekly, to susbcribers.


How to get your news to us:

Send your press releases to newsdesk@countryside-jobs.com or email a link to items on your website.

If it's time sensitive we can embargo the details to a specific date, let us know when you'd like it to be published.

If you tweet use the tag #cjspr and we'll find it, even if we don't follow you. It really is as simple as that.


How much does it cost?

Nothing, not a penny.  This a free service from CJS.

(Although reciprocal links are very much appreciated!, Ed.)


Any restrictions?

This News service aims to promote genuine countryside news and information; inclusion is at the discretion of the CJS Team. Jobs, training, events, goods and services etc are not included but can be advertised elsewhere on the site which may not be free.



CJS is not responsible for content of external sites.  Details believed correct but given without prejudice.

Disclaimer: the views expressed in these news pages do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of CJS.