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International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd

Volunteer Roles

JOB: Aviculture Internship

BE4: Ongoing

LOC: Carmarthen

PAY: On site, shared accom. A wage of £110 a week

FOR: International Wildlife Consultants

6 days a week, increasing to 7 days a week during busy periods. International Wildlife Consultants Ltd. is one of the oldest established falcon breeding facilities in Europe; having bred falcons since 1975 and exporting to the Middle East since 1987. Every year we breed over 200 falcons at our facility in Wales. Responsibilities include: food preparation; care of live quail; monitoring CCTV observations of breeding falcons under the supervision of aviculture staff; assisting aviculture staff with their work managing breeding birds; cleaning, repairs, maintenance of aviaries and avicultural facilities; rearing of young falcons in brooder room; assisting aviculture staff with their work managing and feeding young falcons through their stages of development; making falconry equipment & participation in the shipping of falcons. As well as breeding falcons we have 200 acres of farmland with different projects ongoing, such as tree planting, beekeeping, beaver and Stork projects to name a few. ASK: Find out more from wayne@falcons.co.uk

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