Dreaming of a job surrounded by nature?

man digging a garden

Where did you go on your holidays this year, anywhere nice? City break or beach holiday or perhaps you ventured out to one of our many glorious nature reserves and explored the lovely British countryside (hope you took your waterproofs with you!), did a spot of birdwatching, spotted an otter or if you were very lucky a beaver. Maybe you joined a guided walk and had some of the hidden treasures pointed out, small butterflies flitting over uncut grassland, the footprints and signs of wildlife passing through, an explanation of the different land types and their management styles dotting across the vista in front of you at a viewing point.


Now you're back home, sitting at your desk and dreaming of being able to be surrounded by nature all day or thinking about how you can help conserve it for future generations. If you're serious about making a change or just making a difference then you can find the ways and means in CJS.


If you only have a few hours to spare then look at the volunteering opportunities which, if you go beyond the work type placements, cover a wide range of tasks across the whole of the conservation sector, from a few minutes logging your wildlife sightings to weekends of practical land management balsam bashing. No matter where you are or what skills you have there will be something to do to help. However, if you're thinking of jumping in with both feet and changing career path then we have job profiles to give you the low down on countryside work, a comprehensive Training Directory to help you gain the qualifications you may need and of course the Jobs.


You can wander through the website and find most of this but the quickest and easiest way to get everything in one handy package is to sign up for CJS Weekly, it's only 50p per week and for that you get absolutely everything on the website, most things are included in full but there are notices when anything new is added or listings updated and access to lots of features before they're live online for everyone else to see. Of course everyone associates it with Jobs of which there are plenty! 1990 so far this year alone, of which 106 were only published in CJS Weekly (i.e. not on the website) plus 515 in the unique CJS Digest of vacancies, again only in CJS Weekly, We brought back the Digest in 2022, read more about the Digest and our reasons for doing this here  to the start of August 20% of all the jobs advertised in CJS Weekly were in the Digest, that's over 600 vacancies you may be missing out on by only reading online.


So stop dreaming and starting doing - sign up here

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