Graduation gift from CJS to the Class of 2020

gradution students throwing their caps in the air (image: pasedion / pixabay)

Congratulations to all new graduates from everyone here at CJS


We know times are tough for everyone right now but for one specific section of society it's particularly heart breaking. All our graduating students who should be celebrating the end of three (or more) years hard work to gain their diplomas and degrees are having to do so in isolation with virtual graduation ceremonies if any at all. They are leaving the world of academia behind and heading off to start their careers looking at a more uncertain future than any of us can imagine. It's a hard enough time setting out looking for your first 'real' job in a profession that you hope is going to sustain you, body and soul, for the rest of your working life and we all know how difficult it is in the countryside and conservation sectors at any time. To help our next generation of rangers, ecologists, wildlife warriors, landscape managers and environmental educators CJS wants to give each of the class of 2020 a graduation present of a full year's subscription to CJS Weekly. All you need to do is fill in the form below and we'll start sending you weekly copies.

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