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MSc Ecosystem Services Evaluation

Funding for MSc Research Projects


Three exciting and practical MSc environmental research projects.


You will study in Ambleside, in the Lake District National Park – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site – surrounded by unique ecosystems and landscapes, so you will literally have an outdoor laboratory in which to research ecosystems and their values on your doorstep.


So with us you can live, study and research in Cumbria’s stunning landscape with its natural rivers and lakes, home to white-clawed cray fish, arctic char, red squirrels high-brown fritillary butterflies, migrating dolphins and basking sharks.



The MSc research study will be partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund Eco-Innovation Cumbria project led by the University of Cumbria. Benefits include:

  • A tax free stipend of £4666
  • Fees subsidised by industry sponsor £2,500
  • Project travel expenses.
  • Become part of a cohort of student researchers working on industry-led projects in Eco Innovation.


MSc Research Projects:


Landscape Character Assessment Monitoring Techniques Appraisal and Ground Truthing in the Lake District National Park

The University of Cumbria has funding to support research work by Friends of The Lake District. This is a practical MSc research project to set up a monitoring framework which can identify changes to the landscape of the Lake District National Park using an existing Landscape Character Assessment as the baseline.

Friends of the Lake District


Preventing the Spread of Invasive Non-Native Species by Identifying the Pathways of Introduction.

A practical MSc Project that could help shape the health of Lake District and its lakes. The University of Cumbria has funding to support research work by South Cumbria Rivers Trust, a professional team dedicated to conserving fresh water habitats and local wildlife.

South Cumbria Rivers Trust



Model the life-cycle impact of a new product, the portable ecosystem concept.

The University of Cumbria has funding to support research work by Portable Ecosystems Ltd. A practical MSc research project to model the life-cycle impact of the portable ecosystem concept and establish a sustainability impact assessment that will enable the company to identify, assess and quantify the environmental credentials of the portable ecosystem concept.

Portable Ecosystems Ltd – This is a new company with a novel product concept. The product is subject to a patent application so there is no public disclosure at this stage.

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MSc Course - Ecosystem Services Evaluation 

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