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Estate Under Forester with Babworth Estate


The RFS is providing roles to help college leavers enter the professional forestry world. On top of a competitive first salary there is access to 2k of CPD funding and support towards RFS certification.

You must have a level 2 or level 3 award in forestry, arb or countryside management, finishing this year or last year.


Start September 2018




Learn how to carry out practical activities under the supervision and direction of the head Forester which include tree planting, pruning, thinning and felling, weeding, pest control and wider forest management tasks such as fencing, footpath maintenance, coppicing, ride widening and practical habitat creation and management.


Main responsibilities:


  • This role will primarily involve training the fundamentals of forest management on an estate that has a wide variety of species and management objectives. 
  • Over the course of your role you will be mentored and given guidance on many different aspects of forestry including the management of contractors, how to assess sites, understand establishment requirements and gain a practical understanding of differing silvicultural systems.
  • You will use a variety of hand and mechanical tools when conducting forestry estate tasks. Tractor driving, establishment and maintenance work. It is essential to be organised and prepared for doing the work and having everything you need with you regarding food, drink and clothing. The length of the working day is variable depending on factors such as weather, daylight and work to be completed and therefore some days will require longer working hours. The work is done with a group of other forestry workers. 


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The deadline for applications is: Midnight on Friday 1st June 

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