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Bat Survey Assistants (Casual)


I need assistants to help with dusk and dawn surveys, mainly in and around Manchester, from April/May to September/October inclusive. Applications accepted throughout but please apply as soon as possible.


Freelance ecologists, and enthusiastic volunteers may apply. Pay is dependent on experience/ability. Volunteers receive travelling expenses.


This is casual work you can fit-in when you're available, perhaps one to three times a week, possibly including weekends. Short-term availability is acceptable. Dawn availability is particularly useful.


With over 30 years' experience of working with bats, this provides a learning opportunity for anyone venturing into bat consultancy or conservation work.


Punctuality, reliability, good concentration skills and a professional approach are  vital. Most reasonably-local applicants get the opportunity to participate. Due to the unsocial hours involved, access to a vehicle is usually necessary.


Existing experience of watching bats in flight and/or using a heterodyne detector is useful.


Please supply your name, e-mail address, 'phone number and summer address for an application pack.


There may be an opportunity for you to gain experience of other aspects of bat/bird survey work on a mainly voluntary basis. 



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