Meet The Team

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Job Title: Owner, Editor, Training Directory Manager, Office Manager (take your pick!)
Overseeing the direction CJS takes, website content and general design / shape. Promotion and social media strategy. News collation. Accounts. CJS Professional publication.
Working pattern
In the office most days. Sometimes Kerryn starts work before the office opens so don't be surprised to receive emails in the early morning.


Kerryn is on LinkedIn

If Kerryn's not in the office you'll probably find her out on the moors with her dogs, often with a camera, or up to her elbows in flour (gluten-free these days) busy in the kitchen.



Job title: Features Commissioning Editor, Focus Co-ordinator

Amy  Is responsible for the In depth and features section, commissioning articles and publicising these across our social media.  CJS Focus, commissioning articles, sourcing adverts, editing the final publication. Overseeing the day to day running of the office and line managing staff. Amy handles our news collation on some days each week.

Working pattern

Usually Monday, Tuesday and Friday. With extra hours in the run to up to CJS Focus editions so don't be surprised to receive emails late in the evening.


Amy is on LinkedIn

When Amy is not occupied with CJS she is kept busy running a small holding and with family life.



Job title: Data Manager


Managing the databases for our newsletters, both CJS Weekly and CJS Professional as well as the records for advertisers.  Carla is also one of your first points of contact handling our communications on a daily basis (email and phone) as well as posting recruitment adverts to our website and sharing that information though our social media channels. 

Working Pattern

Tuesday and Thursday


Carla has a busy family life out of the office with most of her time being filled keeping her daughter out of mischief!



Job Title: Sub-editor and Training Directory Co-ordinator.


The editing and setting of CJS Weekly content. The approval and publication of listings within the Training Directory and manages the Volunteers section and database. Katie is also one of your first points of contact handling our communications on a daily basis (email and phone) as well as posting recruitment adverts to our website and sharing that information though our social media channels.

Working Pattern

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (half day) and Friday

Contact:  or for training enquiries:

When Katie is not here at CJS she runs her family's genealogy business Yorkshire Ancestors which you can find here:



Job Title: Newsletter compiler.


Tracey sources and types up the majority of the standard linages in CJS Weekly.

Working Pattern

 The majority of Tracey's work has always been done from home (or on a laptop from her stables!) and works flexible hours to suit her other commitments.

Tracey is also a qualified reflexologist and practices raiki, she is currently taking dressage lessons to get the best from her morgan horses.


Niall and Anthea

Whilst Niall and Anthea may no longer be part of the daily office routines it was they who created CJS and it is their vision that guides us still.

Find out what Niall is up to these days by looking at his website or checking out his blog (he's busier than ever!).


And not forgetting the office dogs!

Kerryn's labradors are an integral part of the Team providing light relief and occasional stress busting services! (you really, really need my very stinky soft toy!!, I'm desperate to go out and I think you need some fresh air too...)  Keep up with them on instagram here. Since we converted to mainly remote working Katie and Amy's dogs have become office dogs too! News of the office dogs is tagged on the blog as Office Dogs.


CJS office and working patterns

Since the Covid-19 lockdown everyone has been working from home, which we're finding works really well for us, allowing us the flexibility to manage other responsibilities outside of the office. We've altered the 'official' office hours to 10-4 but we work hours to suit: Kerryn's often at work early and taking a long break in the middle for dog walkin, Katie and Amy frequently prefer to finish things in the evenings.We'll see how things progress but we think the days of the CJS office may be numbered as anything other than a remote hub and hosting the central CJS server and network.


Team Support: 

Website support and hosting

Provided by Jack Barber - Website Design and Technology.


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