Environmental Policy

hand holding a green globe (pixabay)

We claim to be an ethical company but what are we doing to justify this claim? Well, we try to deal fairly with all customers both readers and advertisers and try to be as 'environmentally friendly' as possible.

We try to work to the best practice for sustainability, recycling and waste awareness, here’s what we’re doing.

The CJS office is lit by low energy full spectrum (daylight) bulbs, we chose low energy bulbs for obvious reasons but not many people use full spectrum bulbs. They do look a little odd when you first switch to them and from outside during the dark winter days it does look as if we’re practicing arc welding! However, they are easier on the eyes, don’t reflect off monitors and stop you squinting at small print on paper copies and it’s said that if you suffer from SAD they help ease the symptoms, we don’t so can’t comment on that one. All the equipment is energy efficient, for example monitors have automatic sleep modes, and where possible everything has an off switch which is used at the end of every day. The desks and furniture are made from FSC approved timber.

We buy many journals and newspapers to keep up to date with the current trends and as a source of new ideas. All newspapers are recycled and the journals are passed on to be read by friends and family or are donated to the local hospital / doctors surgery or other waiting rooms. All the paper used to produce your copy of CJS is 100% recycled and when you write to us your letters are recycled too, with one exception for security if we have any paper copies of details from the database or have written down your credit card details these are shredded and then used as bedding for livestock before being composted – not much chance of identity theft from that, however, if you find a small brown guinea pig is using your card details to buy carrots you’ll know we were wrong! We even separate the stamps from the post and pass these on to charity, the last batch were sent to Dogs Trust. Toner cartridges from the office laser printers are all sent to be re-filled and ink cartridges from the colour inkjet are donated to charity for refilling (the last ones went to the Hedgehog Trust). We even drink fair trade coffee and the milk comes from the local farmers co-operative.

We've moved from oil fired heating to energy efficient flat panel radiators and have a wood burner as well, which we use instead of the shredder to dispose of your card and personal details.

We bank with Santander because this means we can support our local Post Office, are able take the few cheques we receive to bank on foot rather than driving nine miles to the nearest town, it's not entirely altruistic because there are no bank charges and it's much easier for us to get to the Post Office rather than into town during office hours - and a short walk at lunch time is much appreciated by the office dogs!

June 2020 update

As part of our commitment to keeping a healthy planet and to help with offsetting the carbon generated in producing all the CJS publications and keeping the website online we've signed up to plant trees with 9Trees the first ones were planted, in March just before lock down. For CJS this is not a one off planting, we've signed up to help care for the trees through their life.

9Trees planted the first trees for the project across two sites in mid-Wales on 13 March. In all 1375 trees were planted in one day, mostly oak, birch, rowan, hawthorn and willow with a small mix of hazel, dogwood and cherry. Trees need some protection too and they also installed 300m of fencing to protect the trees from livestock.

Find out more about 9trees and sign up to plant your own trees here:

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