Bounceback offers - the green shoots of recovery

conifer new growth tips (Wolfgang Eckhert / pixabay)

Offers from CJS to help with recovery from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

Read about CJS and how we're managing with the ongoing pandemic situation.

Advertisers: One offer currently live.

Additional service to ease your recruitment workload plus up to 50% discount 

As budgets get cut and staff time is stretched let CJS deal with the time consuming aspects of staff recruitment. These additional services are available to add to any advertising with CJS, even the free linage in CJS Weekly.

PO Box: If you request application by CV and don't want them arriving in dribs and drabs or taking up your administrators time use a CJS PO Box.

We will set up a box number for replies which can be sent to us by post or email. We will acknowledge receipt for you and once the closing date has passed send a bundle of applications either by post or electronically, we can scan and email paper applications.

Usual Cost £50 for digital only (by email). Discount Rate: £25

We also offer

Application forms: Use our online standard application form. (download a copy here) Usual Cost £100. Discount Rate: £50

CJS shortlisting service: The ultimate package, we will create a shortlist for you by grouping applications into four sets according to your criteria. Usual Cost £750. Discount Rate: £500

Full details of these here


Readers: Free subscriptions to CJS Weekly. Running until the end of December.

Each CJS Weekly edition carries news of the sector, feature articles and in depth profiles as well as job vacancies, training course details and voluntary opportunities meaning your Weekly newsletter can keep you in  touch with the industry as well as possibly (hopefully) pointing you in the direction of a new job. More about CJS Weekly here.


Graduation gift for the Class of 2020
Our graduating students are leaving the world of academia behind and heading off to start their careers looking at a more uncertain future than any of us can imagine. It's a hard enough time setting out looking for your first 'real' job in a profession that you hope is going to sustain you, body and soul, for the rest of your working life and we all know how difficult it is in the countryside and conservation sectors at any time.  To help our next generation of rangers, ecologists, wildlife
warriors, landscape managers and environmental educators CJS wants to give each of the class of 2020 a graduation present of a full year's subscription to CJS Weekly.
For students graduating this year click here.


On 29 July the National Trust announced spending cuts and redundancies in face of coronavirus losses amounting to a potential 1,200 redundancies. Read the announcement on the Trust's website here.

This is devastating news and we fear it will not be the only such announcement. The loss of the skills and experience staff have gained during their careers, whether that's one year or twenty, will have a far reaching impact across the whole of our sector and will affect the countryside for many years to come. To try to keep this vital knowledge within the sector CJS wants to help our colleagues whether they be rangers, support staff, gardeners or front of house visitor management and so we're offering a free subscription to CJS Weekly to all National Trust (including National Trust for Scotland) staff who will, or may, lose their jobs as part of the cost cutting at the Trust.

For National Trust staff in danger of redundancy click here.

Previous offers:

Ended 31 October 2020: Discounted advertising: All online listings only £100*, £50 for apprenticeships and voluntary roles.

Use CJS for highly targeting advertising. CJS publications are read by professionals from across the spectrum of countryside, ecology, wildlife and environment conservation and as a result your advert may catch the eye of someone in the sector who's not actively looking but reading CJS to keep up to date with the industry news. Full readership details here.

"It is reassuring to know we can rely on the Countryside Jobs Service Team for a high standard and targeted quality of service with our recruitment needs. Compared to other recruitment sites they are excellent value for money. The team are always a pleasure to deal with and as a small and ethical business they will always be our first choice when seeking high quality personnel."

CJS is an ethical business working in harmony with environmental professionals to conserve the British countryside and natural world. Motivated by conservation success not profits.