sunshine through trees above a dry stonewall (Tim Hill / pixabay)

The situation with CJS and the Coronavirus outbreak.

As the situation develops we will post notices on our social media but this page should be your first point of reference.  We will update with any changes or information.

The ongoing Coronavirus outbreak is causing concern and disruption for all - CJS included.

The week beginning 16 March we intended to carry out a dry run of how to cope with remote working but due to the fast moving situation we ended up putting our outline plans into action on Monday morning and everyone is working from home. We muddled through but we think everything is now up and running, there's no one in the office so please email us, if absolutely essential we can phone you back, but we apologise for whatever you may hear in the background!

As long as we keep receiving jobs and organisations release news we'll keep on posting the information online and producing the regular updates and newsletters, so for now we're open and it's business (almost) as usual. Should anything change updates will be posted in the usual places across social media and on the blog.

Changes and updates

Shorter office hours, 10am - 4pm

Unsurprisingly we're not getting many jobs through although there are still some volunteering opportunities, particularly those are from home, the new Volunteering from Home page is currently the busiest on the website closely followed by the news section. As a result we've decided to reduce our official office hours, we will keep an eye on the email inboxes between 10 and 4. You can email at any time but you will normally only receive a response between these hours. Working shorter days also give the Team more time to spend on other activities such as home schooling (I think everyone is really enjoying that - not!), dog training and boredom busting (which is a much more enjoyable activity) and like everyone trying to carry on with normal life in these abnormal circumstances.


Volunteering from Home - another new page

Whilst practical countryside, conservation and wildlife volunteering to maintain our countryside and help out wildlife cannot carry on until the outbreak is over there are many forms of volunteering that can be done from home, citizen science projects, helping with social media monitoring, assisting with office administration and accountancy for example and many organisations are now looking to move their volunteering offer into from home options. To help with this we've created a Volunteering from Home page in our volunteers directory, you can see it here:

New page: Information and advice

instead of us trying to keep on top of the ever changing advice and how it affects all aspects of the sector we're collating the advice pages from the main organisations here: If you know of an organisation that has dedicated Covid-19 advice that isn't on the page let us know and we'll add it.


CJS Photography Competition

With immediate effect we are suspending the competition. We don't want you to be putting yourselves at risk taking photos. However, you are very welcome to send photos for consideration when we reopen the competition, you can specify which theme they're for or just send them as general ones. We will make a decision about reopening the competition at a later date and if necessary about awarding overall prizes nearer the current official closing date.

We are happy to share any images that will lift the spirits: let us know how you're coping with working from home, self isolation, how your new four footed co-workers and pawlleagues are coping with the new normal (dogs interrupting conference calls with squeaky toys, cats being disgusted that you're interrupting their afternoon nap) and now that schools are closed how well the new junior members of the team are integrating into the working day (shouting for assistance and then hiding behind the couch?). Alternatively if you'd like to let the world know that (for now) your site is still open for some green medicine send us a nice photo and we'll share it.


CJS Weekly

Unsurprising there are not many jobs this week and there will be even less next week as adverts are withdrawn and major organisations, such as the National Trust, put their recruitment on hold. We completely understand that if you've subscribed to find a job there's not much point in reading the newsletter, however, we do have all the countryside news and several features already lined up. We are planning some specifically to help deal with the current situation, if you'd like to write something for us please contact Amy, details are here for 'normal' features. If you'd like to put your subscription on hold simply email us and we'll suspend your subs until further notice.

In the meantime be well everyone and keep washing those hands.


Instead of a gloomy image of the virus we thought we'd brighten the page with a lovely sunny countryside scene from the Yorkshire Dales.