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Within the CJS Weekly there are a number of abbreviations, both for the nine standard headings giving details about the job and for the shortened words within the text description of the job. Below are these abbreviations for your information

Key for the nine standard headings of the linage adverts

Key: (NB: The key to the success of the CJS is our policy of ‘Less for Profit means More for Conservation’)

REF     CJS reference no. (annual running total of paid jobs - source – delete date)         JOB         Title

BE4     'Before' deadline for applications.IV = Interview date.                                          LOC         Location

PAY     £ range - usually per annum (but check starting point)                                       FOR         Employer

DES     Description of Job                     BUT     But they want ...                 ASK             Ask for Details /Application Form from ...

BUT: Please check the BUT section to ensure that you have all of the required qualifications / experience before you apply.

ASK: Contact ONLY the number or address given – or you may annoy the Personnel Officer who will decide your future…


Key for the regularly abbreviated words within the text of  the adverts


 Asst = assist/ant

 p/t = part-time

 computerate = computer literate

 cside = countryside

 Direct = sent direct to CJS

 env = environment

 equiv = equivalent

 esp = especially

 rel = relevant

 org = organisation

 incl = include

 FBT = Forestry & British Timber           magazine

 IV = interview

 pref = preferably

 c = circa

 SAE = stamped self-addressed envelope

 hort = horticulture

 cert = certificate

 temp = temporary

 vol = volunteer

  wb = week beginning

 2+years' = 2 or more years

 ?= no info/unclear

 [yes] = yes that is what it says

 arb = arboriculture


 The glossary on the website has these abbreviations and lots more.