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Details of our previously featured and supported charities

Even though these charities are no longer featured by CJS it doesn't mean that we don't support them any longer or that their work is any less valuable.  Please continue to support them in any way you can.


logo: Vincent Wildlife Trust2017 - 2018:

The Vincent Wildlife Trust

Read their articles exclusively published in CJS.


logo: Plantlife2016 - 2017:


Read their articles exclusively published in CJS.



Bat Conservation Trust2015 - 2016

Bat Conservation Trust

Find out all about them on their website here.

And read their articles exclusively published in CJS.


1994 - 2015

CJ Snail the endangered Species at Jersey Zoo (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust or DWCT)


We accept that maintaining biodiversity is about conserving ALL species, not just the big, the furry and the cuddly ones.


Logo: Durrell Wildlife

Niall explained the decision, "In 1997, while on a pilgrimage to Jersey Zoo (founded by Gerrald Durrell OBE, whose books first got me interested in conservation) Anthea and I heard about the captive breeding programme of Partula snails at Jersey, London, Edinburgh and Chester Zoos, etc. We noted the links between Whitby, Captain Cook and Moorea, and between ourselves, Gerrald Durrell and CJS - and decided to adopt a Partula snail on behalf of CJS. We christened him / her 'CJ Snail' because... well, as with most historic events, it seemed like a good idea at the time..."

Find out more about CJ Snail.

See the Durrell website - you can donate on their website or sign up to sponsor an animal like CJ.


2001 - 2015

Leukaemia Research

Co-founder of CJS Anthea Carson died on 21 September 2001 having finally lost her brave fight against Leukaemia. CJS is Anthea’s gift to you. Your gift to her can be any donation (in cash or in kind) to any cancer charity or charity shop in your local area, or to Leukaemia Research.

Logo: Leukaemia Research

The LRF has made significant progress over recent years, enabling their 400 scientists at leading hospitals and universities across the country to apply this knowledge every day of the year to save more lives.

Forget Me Not Fund

April 2009: We have set up a Forget Me Not Fund in Anthea's name, all donations are now sent to this fund which has an opening balance of almost £1200. If you would like to donate to Anthea's Forget Me Not Fund you can do so through CJS as before, or you can download a form to send your donation directly to Leukaemia Research, if you donate directly LRF can can claim Gift Aid if you're eligible and increase your donation by 28p for every £1. Click here for the donation form. (pdf)

Read about Anthea

Go to the Leukaemia Research website (From September 2015 they will be known as Bloodwise



Also please see Our Endorsements.

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