Public to identify locations of plants escaping gardens for cash in North West Wales through mobile game - North Wales Wildlife Trust

Local residents in North West Wales have the opportunity to earn money through the Crowdsorsa mobile game if they find and map potentially invasive plants, or target plants, which have ‘escaped’ gardens.

Globally and here in Wales, ornamental plants spreading from gardens are one of the main sources of invasive species which can – once in the wild – impact the environment, economy, our health and the way we live. Invasive species are estimated to cost the GB economy almost £2 billion each year.

Tomos Jones, Garden Escapers Project Manager at North Wales Wildlife Trust said: “Preventing invasive species is crucial because it saves us money and avoids the impacts they can have. Our research has identified a shortlist of popular garden plants which are not currently known to cause any impacts in the wild as invasive species but this could change in future. We want to know which of the target plants have escaped from gardens into nearby areas such as along pavements in urban areas or in nature reserves.”.

The mapping of the target plants in North West Wales will begin on Monday, 08 July at 09:00. Players will complete ‘missions’ to locate and record the target plants. The mobile game is open to everyone and only requires downloading the Crowdsorsa mobile game onto a smartphone (see below). Players will be paid £1 for each new observation of the target plants within the game areas near: Bangor and Porthaethwy; Bae Colwyn and Llandudno; and Penrhyndeudraeth and Porthmadog.

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Posted On: 09/07/2024

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