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Britons value farmers immensely but have no idea what they actually do, new research shows - Open Farm Sunday

The new study suggests farmers are the unsung heroes of Britain because the full scope of their tireless work goes under-appreciated. The majority of Britons (94 per cent) think the work that farmers do is important, the survey found.

The new study sug­gests farm­ers are the unsung heroes of Britain because the full scope of their tire­less work goes under-appreciated.

The major­i­ty of Britons (94 per cent) think the work that farm­ers do is impor­tant, the sur­vey found. But, only 12 per cent of the nation can claim to be well informed about what they do for the countryside.
Indeed, the research found 71 per cent of Britons have no idea that farm­ers are respon­si­ble for look­ing after almost three quar­ters of the countryside.
The new study com­mis­sioned by sus­tain­able farm­ing char­i­ty LEAF (Link­ing Envi­ron­ment And Farm­ing), organ­is­er of Open Farm Sun­day, sug­gests peo­ple aren’t famil­iar with the essen­tial work that is car­ried out on a dai­ly basis.
More than a third (35 per cent) don’t know farm­ers plant and main­tain hedgerows and wood­land and 62 per cent had no idea they plant and man­age wild­flow­ers, while 69 per cent don’t know they cre­ate ponds for wildlife.
Over three quar­ters (79 per cent) don’t know they cre­ate habi­tats for bee­tles, feed birds (77 per cent), and install bird and bat box­es (72 per cent).
The major­i­ty (57 per cent) had no idea farm­ers main­tain foot­paths, the research also found.
But, the Open Farm Sun­day research shows there is an appetite to learn with four out of 10 (39 per cent) report­ing that they want to learn more about the work farm­ers do.

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Posted On: 11/06/2024

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