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Celebration to spotlight magical and mysterious wildlife of UK seas - The Wildlife Trusts

Cuttlefish © Alexander Mustard 2020Vision
Cuttlefish © Alexander Mustard 2020Vision

Young people urged to protect seas & shores in National Marine Week

From honeycomb worms to solar powered sea slugs, this summer’s National Marine Week from The Wildlife Trusts will shine a light on some of the lesser-known creatures and plants found in UK seas.

The annual seaside celebration aims to inspire a new generation of marine conservationists and volunteers through rock pool rambles, snorkel trails, beach cleans and other events that help nature, around the British Isles. National Marine Week takes place from Saturday 22nd July to Sunday 6th August – spanning a fortnight due to varying tidal conditions around the UK.

UK seas are home to over 330 species of fish, 28 cetaceans, seagrasses, seaweeds and living reefs. The marine environment is also under huge pressure from damaging fishing practices, development at sea and pollution from farming, sewage and plastic.

Lissa Batey, head of marine conservation at The Wildlife Trusts, says: “From sun stars to seagrass meadows, our seas are awash with fascinating creatures, habitats, and plants. This year’s National Marine Week reminds us of the great diversity around our shores and why it is so important we look after our seas for people, wildlife and climate. We are encouraging young people to join events and find out more about the work being done to protect our shores and seas. From backing campaigns to beach cleans, there are so many ways to get involved. It is critical that at least 30% of UK seas are given the highest level of environmental protection by the end of this decade. Doing this will help wildlife recover with enormous benefits for fishing, as well as ensuring vast amounts of carbon remains stored in natural habitats such as sand, mud, and seagrass. Better protections for our seas will mean more wildlife, and that helps everyone.”

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Posted On: 29/06/2023

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