Funding boost for country’s woodlands and timber industry - Forestry Commission

plants growing with leaf tips still encased in the seed hull
A Royal Botanic Gardens Kew project investigating germination and morphological traits in UK native tree seeds will receive funding. (Image credit: Pablo Gomez Barreiro, RBG Kew)

£20 million funding will improve tree planting stocks, woodland resilience, domestic timber production and accelerate tree planting across England

Projects that tackle some of the greatest threats to our trees and forests will get a boost from government funding, it has been announced today (Monday 28 November). This is alongside additional investment announced for local authority tree planting initiatives which will see hundreds of thousands of trees planted in communities across England.

The funding will drive long-term woodland creation efforts, create jobs, boost biodiversity and support innovative approaches to tree health and resilience, in the face of climate change and the mounting threat of pests and diseases.

Successful applicants include:

The United Kingdom consumes 53 million tonnes of wood and wood products each year; however, 81% is imported from abroad. The major investment announced today will support projects developing new technologies and working practices to help homegrown timber production meet a greater proportion of domestic demand. This will help to improve timber security and grow the United Kingdom’s forestry and primary wood processing sectors, which support 30,000 jobs and contribute over £2 billion to our economy every year.

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Posted On: 28/11/2022

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