And finally for this week some wonderful living legends.

Farmers share tales of 'living legends' on their land - and how important it is to protect nature - The Woodland Trust

From an ancient oak which survived a hit from a Lancaster Bomber in World War Two to a 150-year-old pear tree – classically taken portraits tell a story of how farmers are helping to protect ancient and veteran trees.

The Woodland Trust has photographed eight beautiful ancient trees, together with the farmers that care for them, using an antique camera. The farmland trees are “living legends”.

Most of the UK's ancient and veteran trees are situated on farms and have witnessed generations of farmers.

Currently, governments around the UK are creating new systems to decide how farmers are paid for environmental work on farms. These portraits and their accompanying stories celebrate the work that farmers are doing to care for old trees.

left: large oak tree in full leaf. right: man wearing green trousers and short sleeved checked shirt sitting on tail board of 4x4
Andrew Brown, Rutland, England - 180-year-old Bomber Oak (Credit: Philip Formby / WTML)

Andrew Brown and the Bomber Oak in Rutland.

On 26 April 1945 when the farm was owned by his grandfather Andrew, a Lancaster plane hit the tree and the tree survived. The plane was carrying prisoners of war, only two out of the seven in the plane survived the crash.

Having survived this, a water company claiming statutory powers came to put pipes in the field that the bomber oak borders. Andrew objected to this as he (along with Scout groups and other community organisations) had planted a lot of the woodland surrounding the field that would have been dug up – he was successful, and they had to go around the field.

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Posted On: 25/11/2022

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