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The winners and runners-up of the NBN Awards for Wildlife Recording 2022 were announced at the Natural History Museum, in London, on Wednesday 9 November 2022 - National Biodiversity Network

These national Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions adults and young people are making to wildlife recording and data sharing, which is helping to improve our understanding of the UK’s biodiversity.

Amy Fleming – winner of the NBN Young Person’s Award 2022
Amy Fleming – winner of the NBN Young Person’s Award 2022

There are five Award categories:

NBN Young Person’s Award 2022

Amy Fleming, (age 20, from Worcestershire) is the winner of the NBN Young Person’s Award 2022.

Amy joined Worcestershire wildlife trusts ‘outdoor origins: youth volunteer group’ in 2019 and during the last three years has risen though the ranks to now being a supervisor for this group – mentoring new members and working with Wildlife Trust staff to lead and design interesting and engaging sessions for the rest of the group.

As a result of her experience with the youth group, Amy has progressed onto Worcestershire Wildlife Trusts’ traineeship scheme – and became the youngest person to pass her chainsaw licence! She also volunteers on bat surveys, tree surveys, deer surveys, and mammal surveys, and is now working towards her dormouse licence.

Amy Fleming’s nature blog on Instagram and Twitter has over 2,000 followers – and she uses them to raise awareness of contemporary issues within the environment, climate change and conservation as well as for sharing her wildlife photography.

Amy Fleming, winner of the NBN Young Person’s Award 2022, says: “What excites me about wildlife recording is the anticipation before a survey and knowing that you are playing your part in the collation of crucial data. Before and during a survey you don’t know what you will come across or how many of a species you will find! Take dormouse surveys for example, the excitement bought with bagging the nest box, sliding the lid off and seeing a sleeping dormouse or an explosion of juvenile dormice. Every recording session is different, and it is so rewarding looking at the data you’ve collected, knowing that it will be part of vital national research and aiding in natures recovery!”

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Posted On: 10/11/2022

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