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A full phase out of lead shot for hunting could be achieved by 2024, which would prevent tens of thousands of wild birds being poisoned each year and stop the toxic substance reaching game meat in stores and restaurants. With a readily available wide range of non-toxic alternatives on sale in Great Britain – most as cheap or cheaper than lead – this harmful product can and should be consigned to the history books. This is the conclusion of a new report released today (21st September), researched by Wildlife & Countryside Link and the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Lead Ammunition.
The report (Lead Ammunition APPG technical report - Alternatives to lead shot: assessing supply and demand) details that around 20% of shot cartridges on sale online from leading manufacturers in Britain are already non-toxic, with a range of new non-toxic shot products for hunting coming on stream over the past two years. This increase in supply has likely been fuelled by a range of pledges to stop selling meat from gamebirds shot with lead from supermarkets, by a voluntary commitment to phase-out lead from shooting organisations and by the development of proposals to legally restrict the use of lead ammunition in the UK and EU. The experience of EU countries including Denmark and the Netherlands suggests that the implementation of restrictions is likely to lead to further swift increases in supply.
Today’s report comes as The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) consults on a proposed restriction on lead ammunition, after identifying through the UK REACH process that its use poses an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment. The consultation proposals include a ban on the sale and use of lead shot cartridges in hunting, with a phase out period of 18 months. The Government is expected to make a decision on the proposals in 2023, suggesting that any ban on lead shot could be in force by late 2024.

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Posted On: 21/09/2022

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