New report shows how the expansion of offshore wind could be a catalyst for marine restoration - RSPB

New report from experts from conservation and energy shows how we can deliver offshore wind safely and help threatened seabird populations to recover and thrive again

A new report, published today by the RSPB, brings together experts in conservation and wind energy to look at how the UK can live up to its offshore wind commitments and protect our natural world. The report offers hope that with the right frameworks and political will, we can find ways to generate renewable energy at sea that will help us tackle the climate and nature emergencies together.

This year the health of our marine life and the potential for offshore wind to provide clean and sustainable electricity and deliver energy security have been brought into sharp focus. Avian Influenza is devastating the UK’s globally important seabird populations that are already facing numerous pressures as the nature and climate emergency impacts on our wildlife. At the same time, decision-makers are looking at how offshore wind can play a key role in the Government’s British Energy Security Strategy (BESS) to both help decarbonise our energy sector and deliver energy security.

Nearly three quarters of the UK is actually seabed, and whilst the view from the shore may look to many like a large expanse of undisturbed water, our seas are already a crowded powerhouse of economic activity with busy trade routes, fisheries and power through gas and oil extraction along with a rapidly growing renewable energy sector. The scale of wind farm expansion from under 15GW today to reach BESS targets of 50GW by 2030, and potentially the need to double this by 2050, will require a substantial footprint around our coasts.

To do this safely, and in harmony with nature, we must learn from the mistakes of previous generations that have left our marine ecosystems depleted and degraded by unplanned or badly managed practices that have left marine wildlife as an afterthought.

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Posted On: 31/08/2022

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