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Countryside Classroom works with partners to produce the very best curriculum linked resources covering a range of issues relating to healthy eating and sustainability. One popular resource aimed at Primary school aged children is an activity booklet called the Countryside Classroom Passport. The Countryside Classroom Passport has three exciting sections with a range of challenges asking children to find out, write, make, draw, do, and visit, all encouraging students to discover topical issues relating to food, farming and the natural environment. Each successfully completed task has a corresponding badge on the score card. Once completed, booklets can be emailed in to receive an e-certificate.

Countryside passport booklet

The booklet is the culmination of a number of innovative ideas drawn from Countryside Classroom partners and LEAF Education Specialists and is designed to encourage young learners to investigate many important matters such as food waste, quality assurance labels and planting bee friendly gardens.

Three smiling children holding the countryside passport
The activities are suitable for children aged 4 – 11. The Cunningham family pictured really enjoyed the challenge of completing all the tasks (LEAF Education)

The booklet, free to download from Countryside Classroom here, comes highly recommended by the Teacher Advisory Panel, a working group of experienced teachers from across England who pilot and review resources launched on the site. One of the panel members reported that “there is a great diversity of tasks, each task can be the theme for a whole lesson and easily adapted for both Key stage 1, 2 and even SEN KS3.” Other suggestions from the panel included that “many schools come off timetable for a focus week, this booklet is ideal for any school having a week themed around food, farming or sustainability issues.”

The booklet has also been adopted by The Children’s University into their orange Citizenship section of their programme, which means successful completion of the passport is rewarded with points towards their Children’s university certificate and subsequent graduation. This means that the booklet is an ideal activity during the holidays as an extra-curricular study and is suitable for a wide range of youth clubs or community groups such as brownies or scouts.

Elizabeth Lake, Programme Coordinator at Countryside Classroom said “Caring for plants, animals and the environment are important to children. This resource is a fun way to learn about environmental issues and help them take small steps towards making sustainable choices. We look forward to seeing the children’s entries!”

Entries will receive an e-certificate. Completed booklets can be photographed and emailed to

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Posted On: 26/07/2022

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