Peak District project will put down roots for landmark woodland legacy - Peak District National Park Authority

The Peak District National Park Authority and the Woodland Trust have agreed a landmark collaboration to help increase native woodland in the National Park.

The £1m project will see some 105 hectares (400 acres) – more than 260 football-pitches – of new native woodland created across the next 3 years, supported by a dedicated Woodland Creation officer.

The programme will provide a significant boost to six years of previous work by the Authority on similar projects, which has increased woodland creation by around 15 hectares (37 acres) a year in the National Park.

The project will involve designing and then overseeing the planting of schemes, and supporting landowners to monitor and maintain sites to ensure the woodlands successfully establish.

Local farmers and landowners will be involved in helping to locate and develop the new woodland sites, which will be carefully selected based on their suitability for planting.

Each new Peak District planting site will contribute to the larger Northern Forest that stretches from Liverpool to the Yorkshire coast, and will be delivered via the Defra-Nature for Climate Fund, which supports the Northern Forest Partnership ‘Grow Back Greener’ programme.

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Posted On: 15/07/2022

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