Record visit numbers show we are a nation that love our forests more! - Forestry England

Forestry England, the country’s largest land manager, has recorded the highest ever number of visits to the nation’s forests across England over the last year.

Some 363 million visits were estimated to have taken place – an increase of 67 million (over 20% per cent) compared to the previous year’s estimate. This is the second consecutive year we have seen a substantial increase, showing that connection to nature has continued to be vital to people since the pandemic.

Many people visited the nation’s forests for the first time during the pandemic as they offered a space where people could relax, exercise, and meet family and friends. Since then, the nation’s forests have continued to make visitors feel safe and welcome and people have begun to visit more frequently, with more people visiting between once a month and twice a week.

Forestry England has also seen an increase in visitors deepening their connection with the forest landscape and becoming supporters of the forests they love with membership up by 38% from the previous year.

The end of COVID-19 measures has also meant that Forestry England has restarted hugely popular events and activities, welcoming visitors to Forestry England sites across the country. From inspiring arts programmes, sports and physical activities and historical sites to mindful moments, there is something for everyone.

Hayley Skipper, Forestry England Director of Commercial Visitor Development says “The nation’s forests are a living treasure for us all and are among the most popular natural spaces in the country. We want to go further and will keep developing our offer to reach out to new audiences and to make everyone feel welcome in these shared public spaces. They are a space for everyone, and this astounding number of visits shows the value they hold. In 2021 we worked hard to develop products that reflect the richness and diversity of the nation’s forests and welcome visitors to explore, play and have adventures.”

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Posted On: 12/07/2022

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