Major UK landowner assesses climate risk across 400 square miles - The Wildlife Trusts

The front cover of the climate adaptation report
The front cover of the climate adaptation report

New report from The Wildlife Trusts outlines radical steps required to help nature adapt to climate change.

A new report published today by the UK’s sixth largest landowner reveals that society must help nature adapt to the climate crisis and be prepared to see wild places change in order to survive.

The Wildlife Trusts’ first climate risk assessment, Changing Nature, examines the impacts of the changing climate across their estate, which covers nearly 400 square miles. It assesses the risks and looks ahead at what is needed to help nature adapt and survive in the future. The findings come at a time when the UK is already one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world.

The research finds that, by the 2050s, under a future warming trajectory that reaches 3°C warming by 2100:

The report shows how extreme weather is already affecting many Wildlife Trust reserves, including:

The Wildlife Trusts want to see increased effort from governments, business, and other landowners on climate adaptation, including greater investment in nature-based solutions and a specific focus on resilience.

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Posted On: 06/07/2022

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