Satellite-tagged duck records monumental migration - British Association for Shooting and Conservation

a Eurasian Wigeon (a small mostly brown duck with a rufous brown head and creamy tan breast) bewing held in profile showing dark grey foot and a blue ring on its leg
Eurasian Wigeon (image: BASC)

New research into the Eurasion wigeon has revealed a monumental migration of nearly 10,000km (or 6,214 miles) – which is further than travelling from the UK to Botswana!

One of the amber-listed ducks was found to have travelled from its winter base on the east coast of England and Scotland, across Scandinavia to its breeding ground in Russia.

The epic journey was recorded as part of Project Penelope, an international collaboration between BASC and the Waterfowlers’ Network.

The three-year project aims to learn more about the species along their flyway, in the hope that we can better conserve them in the future.

“Seeing the results of this first year’s migration has really opened our eyes to the potential of this study,” said Heather Dixon, science officer at BASC. “This three-year project will continue to provide data for years to come. It will bring new insights into the movement of wigeon not just within the UK, but across their entire migratory range.”

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Posted On: 24/06/2022

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