And finally ... some super cute wildcat kittens!

Ten more wildcat kittens born at Saving Wildcats conservation breeding for release centre - Saving Wildcats

(Image: Saving Wildcats)
(Image: Saving Wildcats)

Keepers at the Saving Wildcats conservation breeding for release centre have captured images of one of two new litters of wildcat kittens, who could be among the first of their species to be released into the wild in Britain.

In a quiet area away from visitors at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park near Aviemore, the two litters of five were born to mums Tulla and Margaret, bringing the total number born in the European partnership project’s first ever breeding season up to 18 so far. Litters of five are incredibly rare in the captive breeding population, so to have two in one breeding season is incredibly exciting.

Saving Wildcats (#SWAforLIFE) is working with national and international experts to restore Scotland’s critically endangered wildcat population by breeding and releasing them into carefully selected locations in the Cairngorms National Park. The project team remain hopeful for more births over the coming weeks.

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Posted On: 22/06/2022

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