Rewilding Stockport - Turning Stockport into a community nature reserve thanks to National Lottery support - Cheshire Wildlife Trust

In May 2022 Cheshire Wildlife Trust received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £198,906 for an exciting new project, Rewilding Stockport. Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, Rewilding Stockport is a two-year project with the aim of creating 1,000 new spaces for nature within Stockport, an ambitious target which they can’t achieve alone!

Rewilding Stockport is about empowering residents to turn Stockport into a community-based nature reserve: a mosaic of 1,000 new spaces for wildlife and people, embedding nature into the fabric of the town. They want communities to use, enjoy, improve, and reclaim local green spaces, so everyone can make the most of these wild places close to where they live, work and play.

It’s well known that being out in nature makes us happier and healthier. According to the World Health Organisation, urban green spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, and residential greenery measurably improves our mental and physical health. Rewilding Stockport wants to bring more of these spaces to where people live to give them the chance to move and connect in green space.

The Rewilding Stockport team will offer guidance and support to individuals, community groups, businesses and schools within Stockport who are looking to improve their greenspace for wildlife. The project aims to inspire people to care about and appreciate the benefits of bringing nature into our streets. With the help of Stockport residents, the Rewilding Stockport project hopes to make Stockport a Wilder town.

What is a community nature reserve?
A community nature reserve isn’t a standard nature reserve – it isn’t just one space. A community nature reserve is a network of small, wildlife-friendly spaces in local people’s back gardens, parks, allotments, window boxes, businesses, balconies, street corners and school grounds. Each person is asked to allocate a patch of their land for any kind of wildlife-friendly features they would like to have.

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Posted On: 16/06/2022

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