Young people in Derbyshire buzzing to raise awareness on World Bee Day! - Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Several children in a classroom around tables covered in craft materials
Carsington Junior Rangers busy crafting their bumblebees (image: Derbyshire Wildlife Trust)

World Bee Day - Build Back Better for Bees

Young people in Derbyshire have been awarded £5,000 to help protect and raise awareness of the importance of bees and improve their local environments thanks to The Ernest Cook Trust’s Green Influencers Scheme.

The Scheme assists young people in creating deep, lasting and meaningful connections with the natural environment. Through this scheme young people learn and build skills which will help them contribute to the local community through environmental action.

The Carsington Junior Rangers, a group of 11-16 year old Green Influencers, have worked with The Babbling Vagabonds Theatre Arts Company to write and create a series of short films about bumblebees explaining why they are important and how we can help them.

These films will form part of a resource pack for children, which will also include an activity booklet about bumblebees. In addition, packs of compost and wildflower seeds will be provided to over 3,000 students across 20 schools in more disadvantaged areas of Derbyshire.

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Posted On: 20/05/2022

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