Celebrating 30 years of bringing green ideas to LIFE in Wales - Natural Resources Wales

Image: Life 1992 - 2022
Image: Life 1992 - 2022

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and environmental bodies across Wales are lauding the green benefits reaped from LIFE nature projects, as the EU funding programme for the environment and climate change marks its 30th anniversary this week (Saturday 21 May 2022).

Since its launch in 1992, the EU LIFE programme has injected its €5 billion budget into supporting impactful environmental protection, nature conservation and climate action projects across Europe.

From peatland and native oak woodland project to costal sand dunes and freshwater rivers, seven LIFE projects are currently being delivered across Wales, each reaping the benefits of a £50 million funding pot designed to help environmental bodies pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

Over the last 30 years, the projects have been playing a key role in building a nature-rich future for the nation. Delivered in partnership with a range of organisations and environmental bodies across Wales, the projects are a demonstration of how we can nurture restored ecosystems that are more resilient to climate change, and that are better able to help us cope with climate induced shocks.

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Posted On: 19/05/2022

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