Giving Gloucester a solution to pollution - Canal & Rivers Trust

We're launching two projects that will enhance Gloucester - bringing greenery to, and removing rubbish from, the water around the historic Docks.

Our volunteers have planted dozens of aquatic plants in a floating pocket-sized reed bed that will add a wildlife-friendly splash of greenery in the Barge Arm. Meanwhile a new Seabin will be hard at work sucking up plastic and litter 24/7/365 as it floats in the corner of Victoria Basin.

What are Seabins?

Seabins, invented in Australia and usually found in oceans, act as a floating rubbish bin skimming the surface of the water and intercepting floating debris, macro and micro plastics and even micro fibres. The Seabin is also able to clean the water of the contaminated organic material that is not normally possible to retrieve from the canals.

The Gloucester Seabin is the first on the Trust’s 2,000 miles of waterways and it is already earning its keep – in just one month it has collected over 80kg of plastic and other detritus, saving the charity around £700 in manually collecting litter that has blown into the Docks. Trust volunteers are keeping the Seabin afloat and regularly emptying it.

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Posted On: 09/05/2022

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