Spring brings signs of recovery as Threave landscape project progresses - National Trust for Scotland

Visitors returning to Threave Estate this spring will already be able to see the impacts of a 100-year project to restore and regenerate an important area of wetland and woodland habitats.

The Threave Landscape Restoration Project has been running for less than a year, but there are clear changes to the way the site looks. Over 8000 metres of redundant fencing have been removed, along with 35 metres of constructed embankments, allowing the floodplain of the River Dee to extend into the Kelton Mains area, creating 7.4 hectares of wetland. Preparations to lay boardwalks to improve public access to the wetland areas are underway too.

Four hectares of commercial forestry has been removed and over 1000 native trees including alder, aspen and rowan have been planted and are now beginning to bud. A further 16,000 trees have been ordered for planting onsite.

Dozens of volunteers from local communities and from HSBC UK have contributed to the project which is supported by HSBC UK, the Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The work carried out so far not only makes the site even more beautiful, but there are signs that nature is already benefitting. Last summer, for the first time, the Northern Marsh Orchid was recorded on the site and as spring arrives, the Threave estate team are expecting to see bluebells and foxgloves extend into new areas, as well as more evidence of new species of insects, birds and mammals.

David Thompson, National Trust for Scotland Estate Manager at Threave said: "As the trees planted over winter come into blossom and bud, as the floodplain extends outwards and as the Belted Galloway slowly work their way round the area, we are seeing a real improvement to the condition of this land, and an increase in the plant, insect and wildlife that we are finding here. If this is the progress we can see after this short time, imagine how much richer and biodiverse it will be in a decade.”

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Posted On: 14/04/2022

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